Zoom Power Bank Review

        Right now my life seems to depend on my phone and I am frequently (or always) using it for work.  Because of this, my phones battery always seem to take a beating.  My extended family is constantly complaining about me not answering calls or text because the phone is dead.  Not only does this mean I need to keep phone constantly charging, I need to charge it on the go.  I am usually hogging the car charger which irritates my teenager to no end.

        So when I was asked to review the Zoom Power Bank, I knew it would be perfect for our "on the go" family lifestyle.  This awesome device charges a variety of with multiple devices and rapidly with up to 80 hrs of use on a full charge.  It can even charge "up to 8 devices on a full charge", which seems to hold true as I've recharged my phone several times without having to plug the charger back in.  It's Auto shutoff feature keeps the devices from over-charging too

        I love having these options without having to be stuck at home or near an outlet and I love the Green LED Display so I know whether it actually has power or not when I go to grab it.  Made from a sturdy, highest-quality, aircraft-grade aluminum, the charger can withstand even the roughest users (like me).  The charger can charge any apple device in addition to Samsung Galaxy, Android OS, Motorola, Google and so much more using USB.

        I have been using this for my Android and my daughter has been using it for her iPhone.  We are both in love!  We especially love the pink color which guarantees it will always be available for one of the two of us in our house filled with guys!  It's small and light enough to tote around in my purse or Kevin's pocket too.

Available to Purchase/Cost: $19.70 Zoom Power Bank - External Cell Phone Battery Pack
Recommendation:  Right now it is over 50% off so the deal is one not to miss.  The only thing is I don't think I'd be willing to purchase it at it's normal listing price at $90 as that just seems ridiculous considering all the chargers I've reviewed at much cheaper of a price which work just the same.

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