'Coming Home' Picture Book #Giveaway

In honor of the coming Memorial Day Holiday and to thank all the Veterans for their dedication, Macmillan wants to share a wonderful children's picture book with all my readers and giveaway a copy.

Without each and every man and woman in the military, we wouldn't be able to celebrate this holiday that many take for granted.  It isn't just about BBQ'ing, drinks, and outdoor weather, but about celebrating our country and those who've served to make it as wonderful as it is today.

'Coming Home' Picture Book by Greg Ruth synopsis says, "Every day, soldiers leave their families to protect others.  We love them.  We miss them when they're gone.  And we want them all to come home.  They are our heroes.

Giveaway:  Macmillan is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a copy of 'Coming Home' to have of their own!
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  1. There's quite a few people in my family that have served in the military. My grandpa on my moms side served in Korea in, my grandpa on my dads side served, my dad & my stepdad (he was a medic) served in Vietnam, my middle brother was in the air force, 2 of my ex-brother-in-laws (who i still consider family) both served in the army & one of them also served in the navy, another ex-brother-in-law served in the air force. We will probably not be doing anything on Memorial Day due to all the flooding that has been going on in the area we live in.

  2. My oldest son is an army SGT in South Korea at the moment. I'll be celebrating with some cupcakes and telling my younger kids what the holiday is about.

  3. My father served in WW2 he is no longer with us our family will be getting together for a picnic. thankyou, Ken

  4. We have several military that have served, we spent the holiday quiet at home


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