Epica Remote Dog Training Collar Review

        While I absolutely love all of my pets and never in any way possible condone abuse of an animal, I also know some animals require more discipline than others.  We have gotten very lucky with most of them behavior wise over the years.  Unfortunately with our last addition, we ended up with one of "those" dogs.  Currently we have three large breed dogs all of which are the most spoiled and biggest babies ever.

        Jager, our youngest and newest is the biggest baby of the three.  When I say baby, I realistically mean the mouthiest one which talks back more than any of my actual children.  He whines constantly if locked up, he moans when it's dinner time, he complains when he's done with his dinner and ready to come out, he yelps at the other dogs to play (specifically annoying our oldest dog Capone), and overall just won't shut up.
        In the past we've tried yelling back at him, covering his cage, shutting off the light in his room (yes our dogs have their own room), and even tried the ultrasonic bark deterrent devices.  None of which have worked so we've known for a while we would eventually have to try more drastic measures.  Thankfully I was asked to review the Epica Remote Dog Training Collar and I was pretty pumped to give it a try.

        Using the remote there are three stimulation levels which deliver an annoying (and not painful) correction.  I can tell you this isn't painful because my wonderful husband volunteered to be shocked a few times to test it to be sure.  While it does not hurt, it is sure to scare the sh!t out of your dog.  The first time we did this to Jager, he looked around in complete confusion wondering how the heck it happened when no one and nothing was around him.

        The remote signal will reach up to 1000 feet away so we can use it when the dog is in the backyard and we are inside or visa versa.  You can even use this to train two dogs (and separately) by adding a second collar.  Although, I don't see us needing that for the other dogs anytime soon.  And in fact, after only a few corrections, Jager has learned very quickly to stop whatever he is doing.  We very rarely have to correct him anymore after only using this for about three weeks!
Available to purchase/Cost:  $55 Epica Remote Dog Training Collar
Recommendation:  Totally love this product and the price is well worth it especially when you can recharge the collar instead of having to keep batteries on hand!  Not only did I notice it working right away with my hard headed pup, but
I think this is a great solution!

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