IntelliGLASS - The Smarter Real Glass Screen Protector Review and #Giveaway

        I am beyond rough on my phones since I depend on it just about any time I leave the home.  I need to constantly be connected to my social media and email doing what I do.  Between Alana and myself, with how much we use our cell phones, making sure we have a good case is key!  Without admitting I constantly drop my phone, I can tell you the two of us need protection against any type of abuse.

intelliGLASS HD - Samsung Galaxy S5 ACTIVE
        Alana has an iPhone which as most people know are notorious for their screens breaking with the lightest of drops.  Because they are made of glass, they just can't seem to withstand the same wear and tear other phone brands do.  I also had a recent "incident" with my last phone where the screen shattered and because of a simple drop.  It was so bad, I ended up having to get a new phone two weeks ago.

        When IntelliARMOR asked if I'd be interested in reviewing their IntelliGLASS - The Smarter Real Glass Screen Protector, I jumped on it!  I love this new phone and want to have the best possible protection available for it.  Knowing all the activities and programs the S5 Active has available, it is going to be a phone which goes everywhere with me!  Thankfully there was not a question which front cover I wanted for it.

        Right away I knew this was going to be better than your average screen protector or especially the cheap ones I tend to use for my phone.  Not only it this hard and not flexible like a plastic sticker but you can almost feel the layers as you put it on your phone.  Using "ultra hard (9H - harder than steel) glass inner layer and an "Oleophobic" outer layer to prevent scratches, absorb shocks, and repeal oil and grease".
Available to purchase/Cost:  $12.95 The Smarter Real Glass Screen Protector 
Recommendation:  I have to say at this price point you'd be crazy not to have one on your phone.  If it were at regular $40 price point it would still be worth it but costly in my opinion.  This was a great product that worked quite well!
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Giveaway:  intelliARMOR is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers an intelliGLASS Screen Protector to have of their own!

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  1. I have an i phone love to use this on. thankyou, ken pohl19@comcast.net

  2. This will go on dh Iphone he loves the apps on it, it relieves his stress

  3. I have an iPhone 5c that I would use it on. I like that I can check my e-mail on my phone.

  4. I have a iphone 5c and I love the size of it!

  5. i will use this on my iphone 6. i am a terrible klutz and this would help save my screen.

    danielle marie xdanimarie(at)yahoo(dot)com

  6. We would like to have it for iphone 5 but also need for an ipad that would be great.

  7. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. My favorite feature is being able to access social media sites. I would give this to my daughter because she needs one.

  8. I have a Iphone 6 that I would use it on I drop my phone all the time and have had to replace the screen before

  9. I have an iPhone 5s. I love the Do Not Disturb feature! No more getting woken up at 4 in the morning by disrespectful people texting me!

  10. This would be for my iPhone. I'm very careful,but I've dropped my phone a few times and have been lucky to not shatter the screen,


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