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        It's summer time and the kids are home again.  As wonderful as it is to have them all home (especially the older ones to help around the house), I dread it.  Not only does it mean keeping them busy with activities so I can still get my work done but it also means my grocery bill goes up.  My free time becomes sparse because I have to plan out healthier snacks for them to have while constantly on the go in the nice weather.

        Somehow we decide as children that we just don't like some foods for no reason in particular.  My son tells me all the time when I ask him to eat certain foods, "Mommy I don't like that.  I don't need to try it, I know I just don't like it."  We've all been this way at one point and time in our lives.  I think as children we don't want to eat those things we are told are healthy.  Kids want the trendy snacks that they know moms and dads tell them they can't have.  Thankfully I've discovered a way around this.

        Recently, Great Kids Snack Box sent me over their "START MY Healthy Snack Plan 30" to review.  At first, I assumed this would be like several other subscription boxes.  However, othat changed fairly quickly once this arrived!  Addressed personally to both Dane and Declan, the boys loved getting their own package!  We opened the box to see an insane amount of snacks packed inside.  I had trouble keeping the kids from devouring everything until I could get a few pictures!

        The START MY Healthy Snack Plan 30 will include 30 (obviously)healthy snacks approved by a nutritionist which are perfect size for any on the go kid.  They are also perfect size for children to sample the different and healthy alternatives in order to decide what they might like best!  If the kids (or you) find something you just love, you can even order something specific in bulk.

        The boys sucked down all of the chips and crackers before I could even sample one bite myself!  I would have never picked these up in a grocery store in a million years for anyone in this house except maybe myself.  Dane was also a big fan of the bars of different kinds.  I absolutely loved how the kids were excited to try each product instead of me having to talk them into a healthy alternative.  After the two weeks it took us to make through everything (or even the few days it took to eat the "good" stuff, they all wanted to know when the next box would arrive! 

Available to Purchase/Cost:  $39.95 START MY Healthy Snack Plan 30 
Recommendation:  I would actually love to try another monthly box to see more of the other products they have available since I saw quite a few offered in the bulk section which the kids might like.  I do feel like this is a bit pricey for a monthly box HOWEVER, the quality in food is well worth it.  I am thinking that ordering in bulk might be more reasonably priced and easier than searching the grocery stores where you might get distracted by the "less healthy" products.
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Giveaway:  Great Kids Snack Box is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a START MY Healthy Snack Plan 30 to try of their own!
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  1. I am most in need of the Healthy Kids Snack Box. My daughter was diagnosed with pancreatitis and put on a low fat diet so it's hard to find snacks and things to feed her lately.


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