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        I consider myself to be a quite the obsessive cleaner around the house.  I actually enjoy doing chores such as cleaning, cooking, or washing carpets.  However there is one task I hate to deal with doing - Laundry!  Mostly I hate all of the folding and putting things away!  It seems like no matter how quickly I do it there is always a ton more piled up and my husband is the pickiest about how I fold things (since he comes from a clothing retail background).

        Ever since buying one, I cannot stand the smell of the front loader washers as it seems as though we have invited some musty odor into every load unless I load up on more detergent, fabric softener and even sometimes more bleach.  Not only is this terrible for my sensitive skin but it can be pretty costly even when you make own laundry detergent.  It definitely isn't environmentally friendly (especially when it comes to my septic tank). 

        But even on top of all that there is something I despise even more now.  The disgusting smell that my washer creates in combination with the smells that come from the towels and clothing the boys wear or use!  These smells are like no other and I have had the most difficult time trying to truly get rid of those smells.  When I discovered a product called Smelly Towel by a brand called Smelly Washer, I have to admit I was pretty curious.

        Safe for my septic system, I followed the instructions which tell you to put a cap full into the detergent compartment when running a stinky load of laundry.  Technically the only difference between the two products offered is the (mild) garden fragrance and booster in the Smelly Towel Cleaner.  Each bottle includes up to 24 treatments so you don't have to worry about using a ton each time you wash.  A little definitely goes a long way.  

        I felt a definite difference in the smell of my towels after washing them twice.  I think the smells had set in so much that it required two loads to finally get them clean and without the odor.  My laundry had less of the musty smell to it and no perfumy smell from one odor covering up another odor!  I was excited to know we could use this in other areas of the home as well such as the dishwasher.  Being on a well, we can end up with some funky odors in our appliances at different times of the year.

Cost/Available to purchase: $15.98 Smelly Towel Cleaner 
Recommendation:  Depending on your need for odors in your appliances, I would recommend giving these a try.  If you aren't one who loves the over powering smells of certain brands of detergents then these are for you!  My only thing is these products are a little on the pricey side and not a super strong or immediate solution in my opinion.  

Giveaway: Smelly Washer is going to give two of A Lucky Ladybug's very lucky readers either a bottle of Smelly Towel of their own!
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  1. I would love to have the Stinky Towel Light Garden scent bottle. I have a front load washer and it stinks too . Never noticed that with my top loaders. I am always washing it off. I use fabric softner. I actually smell a sewer type of smell Hopefully the stinky towel product will work..

  2. I would love to win the Carol S Handbag! I love bags and totes.. This hand bag is gorgeous so I would love to win it!!


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