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        You should know by now I love to travel and especially with my family.  The kids love experiencing new activities all over and of course the change in environments is part of the excitement.  It seems we are always looking for something "fun" yet inexpensive to get the kids while on vacation or even beforehand.  I'm sure you've all seen the awesome Del Sol products before whether it is in a souvenir shop or even online nowadays.

        They now have even more to offer than ever!  I was pumped when Del Sol agreed to work with me for the Swim, Sun, and Fun event.  I just knew it would be a perfect way to celebrate getting into the sun with the kids.  Each of Del Sol’s merchandise reacts when brought into the sun light.  Whether a design appears or the design changes colors, it’s always really cool to see the different things that happen with each of the Del Sol products.  
        It's funny because at first I assumed Alana (my teenager), wouldn't be as interested as the two younger boys.  I was sadly mistaken as she begged me for one too!  We were sent over three shirts for each of the kids - Marvel Captain America Racer Tank In Color, Rexy Business Kid's T-shirt, and Olaf Wild for Summer Kid's T-shirt.  

        Each of the kids picked out their own style and the minute they arrived, we were stripping to head outside with the new shirts on.  Not only does the color changing technology actually work, it works very quickly.  No waiting forever for the shirts to change or making sure they are facing the right angle and conditions.  The kids had a blast sporting em around town the last few weeks and have already planned these for the first week of school too!

Cost/Available to Purchase: $27 Marvel Captain America Racer Tank In Color
Recommendation:  I think that the price point for these items is on point for the technology.  The tank is the only one I think out of our pack that is too expensive.  Of course I'd like to see them priced a little cheaper so they are a little more affordable to the every day family.  I will definitely will be getting my children more products since they've already been bugging me!
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Giveaway:  Del Sol is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Cadet Bejeweled Butterfly hat of their own!
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