Eco Defense All Natural Organic Pest Repeller Review

        As I've mentioned a bunch recently, we knew moving into a home in the country was going to bring a whole new set of challenges being a homeowner.  Specifically, we knew we would be dealing with all sorts of country wildlife that we weren't used to living in suburbia previously.  That being said, I was definitely interested when Eco Defense asked me to review their All Natural Organic Pest Repeller.

        I have to say right away I was a bit baffled about the product as the only main ingredient I could find online or on the bottle listed is castor oil.  While the product itself has no smell, I feel like this is pretty important when listing a product as all natural.  With castor oil being the main ingredient, I also hesitate using it too much as this is a natural laxative.  The last thing I need is my dogs (or any animal for that matter) consuming it and covering my yard (or worse my house) in loose feces.
        This is listed as safe to use on all vegetation, lawns, in the garden on edibles, trees, indoors in cupboards, attics, etc.  According to Eco-Defense, it should deter every kind of pest you can imagine from deer, squirrels, and rabbits to rats, mice, and moles.  I've used this in a few places near my garden to keep out the smaller pests as well as the 12 barn cats from the neighbor (yes 12).

        While I've not seen a ton of wildlife in my yard just yet this Summer, I have been dealing with the barn cats and since spraying, I seem to have seen less of them in the garden specifically.  I am too nervous to spray this where the dogs might get into it OR the chickens and I still don't know exactly what is in it.  So I cannot tell you if it it does anything to actual edible plants.
Cost/Available to purchase: $23.99 - 32 oz Concentrated Bottle - All Natural Organic Pest Repeller
Recommendation:  I think this is quite expensive for a product like this.  I was really excited and still potentially am if I could find a bit more details regarding the product other than just how it is supposed to work.  I feel like most pest repellents, even the natural ones, are much more reasonably priced.

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