KD Novelties My Day on Sesame Street Personalized Book Review

Personalized Childrens Books by KD Novelties
        Alright as a parent of an elementary school aged child you are always trying to encourage them to get excited about learning.  I truly believe this is the age where you set the education expectations for your children for their entire life.  They will either enjoy learning and work hard to get through any obstacles or they will continuously struggle and get discouraged throughout these obstacles.

        With Declan struggling in the very beginning when it came to speech and then holding him back from entering pre-school because of potty training, we have worked very hard at starting our own homeschooling of a sorts the last year.  So being that I feel it's so important to get involved and make learning such an exciting experience, I am always looking for new activities and games which the boys might enjoy and especially together.

        I was lucky enough to be asked by KD Novelties to review one of their personalized books!  I knew this would be a good time to get one of these for Declan who is just starting his school career.  Together we picked out the "My Day on Sesame Street" book which allowed us to not only put Declan in the book but also his brother and sister.  I was even able to personalize the dedication.

        I cannot begin to explain the surprise I saw in Declan's eyes when he first opened this book (even though he helped me pick it out).  He's been making Dane help him read through this constantly.  He loves being able to spot his name and other familiar names and words while flipping through the book.  I cannot tell you how adorable it is to watch the two of them sit together reading!

Available to purchase/Cost:  $15.95 My Day on Sesame Street Personalized Book 
Recommendation:  I can't think of a better gift for a child at this age!  Its a perfect keepsake even for those not ready for reading and will be something they cherish even at an older age!  I've even reviewed similar products and I have to say these are much better pricing than anywhere else I have found!
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