Picture of Grace Book Review and #Giveaway

        While I am aware that most children enjoy some form of art, I truly feel as if Dane has a special talent and love for it.  I too can draw and am very artistic so I am guessing he gets it from me.  He truly loves any form of art from basic coloring to the more detailed works of painting and pastels.  When given the opportunity to review the book 'Picture of Grace', I knew it would be perfect for him to enjoy during reading time.

        I had no idea how perfectly this book and the meaning behind it would be until it actually arrived.  Right away, Dane seemed to be drawn to reading the book without wanting to put it down.  When it comes to starting any child off with reading, this is the right direction I want him headed in.  Then I quickly realized the book had more meaning to it than just an artistic story.

        The synopsis says, "Six-year-old Grace aspires to be an artist like her beloved grandfather Walt. Every week, she goes to his house and watches with great joy as he paints. Of course, not everyone appreciates Grandpa Walt's artwork. But as Walt tells Grace, "Some people appreciate the hard work while others just want the painting to be finished. But you can't be distracted by either group."  When tragedy strikes, Grace takes it upon herself to honor Grandpa Walt in a special way. Through her act of love and kindness, Grace's family discovers an amazing secret about Walt's final, unfinished masterpiece."

        Being very close myself with my grandmother, it means the world to me to see Dane the same way with my parents.  Dane has always just had this sense of emotion that most children don't understand at a similar age.  I love seeing him hooked on something so meaningful while actually understanding the depth behind it.  I also love that there were certain points in this book that opened up a few deep conversations for us.

Available to Purchase/Cost:  $13.67 Picture of Grace Hardcover Book
Recommendation:  I am pretty positive Dane loves every aspect of this book.  I think it was a beautiful story which touched myself and Dane.  Dane has even spent time reading this to his little brother as well as shared it with Grandma!

Giveaway:  Author Josh Armstrong is going to give TEN of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Kindle e-book to have and read of their own!
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