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        With being such a laid back chick, I rarely change my jewelry.  I find different piece which I fall in love with and I stick with it.  Just because I am not a big jewelry person, doesn't mean I don't like to shop for it.  I mean, really how many girls do you know that don't like jewelry.  I just consider myself to be a little bit more on the low maintenance side.  I was pretty excited when SOUFEEL asked me to review one of their trendy Charm Bracelets.

        Initially when checking out the SOUFEEL website and style jewelry, I was a bit hesitant in picking something out to review.  While the charms were absolutely beautiful, I am not exactly a charm bracelet kind of gal.  I used to wear one back when I was in high school and even have been known to wear a few charms at once on a necklace but not too much any more.  Then, I did a bit more browsing through the selections and realized there were more up to date styles available which fit me more perfectly than just the basic charm bracelet.

        I quickly fell for the SOUFEEL leather wrapped style bracelet as well as quite a few of their unique charms.  I very quickly found a handful of charms to add into my cart while I was deciding on exactly what I wanted and by the time I went to decide my cart was easily over $200.  I literally had maybe 7 or 8 charms and a bracelet so I was a tad bit bummed about the high pricing and honestly a bit in shock at the total cost.

        I finally settled on a ladybug for the obvious reasons, a shamrock to represent both our Irish heritage and both Kevin and Dane's birthday months, the Aquarius charm for myself and Alana's birthday/astrological sign, and the September Skull for Declan.  With the leather bracelet and each of the charms to represent each person in my family, I was pretty psyched about the arrival of my SOUFEEL order.

        While expensive, I think the quality speaks for itself.  All silver charms are made of a 925 Sterling Silver and can fit Pandora, Chamilia bracelets as well.  I have been wearing this since the day it arrived without taking it off for a second.  Each of the charms and the leather still look brand new and it has stayed sturdy through working around the house and rough play with the boys.  I love being able to sport around such a trendy yet classic bracelet!  The SOUFEEL bracelet has even been a conversation starter whenever I travel for work!

Available to purchase/Cost:  $Varies - Soufeel Genuine Jewelry Store http://www.soufeel.com/
DISCOUNT:  Enter '5Randi' to get 5% off for any order
Recommendation:  I felt like the pricing or "sales" were a bit misleading as nothing was at the prices they advertised them as "starting at...".  HOWEVER, I that doesn't mean I'm not a fan.  I WOULD recommend this site for most anyone looking for a unique style jewelry.  Everything they have available would make for a beautiful gift for a special person in your life OR for yourself!  They are also pretty good about giving away free items at different purchase amounts which has of course an added benefit!
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