Unique #BacktoSchool Essentials (Part 2)

We all know Back to School season is in full force and while we know kids need the top trends in school supplies, there are more products which can help make a parent's life a bit easier too!  Today I have a few unique Back to School must have's for parents and their children as school resumes (or starts for the younger ones).

Optimum Environment
As the weather changes, we adjust our homes in hopes of making the environment comfortable for ourselves and our families.  Children's bodies are still growing and learning how to adapt.  With a variety of factors such as the air quality, pets, seasonal allergies, and weather, your child's environment can be causing them harm in school and at their own home.  Alana would experience frequent headaches due to the moisture in school during the warmer months and in her bedroom here at the new (older) house.  With the Gurin DHMD-310 Mid Size Electric Dehumidifier to help my family out with all their "issues", I feel a bit more confident in the quality of air they are breathing.

It is the perfect size for small rooms or bathrooms which is exactly where we've been using it.  With a bedroom near the attic of an old house and a bathroom where there is no ventilation fan, the Gurin Dehumidifier runs quietly using very little energy.  I love that it automatically shuts off when it reaches 1500ml in the water reservoir making it easy to avoid over flowing!  Keep your students air quality where it needs to be.
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Optimum Health
I can say with 100% confidence that every parent of a school aged child knows what a pain it can be sending your child back to school where it is crawling with germs.  You may be able to control your own child's health and hygiene but you can't do the same for all the other students.  Making sure you teach your children proper sanitation like hand washing and not sharing things like drinks, can be vital.  Obviously their home environment is just as important like I mentioned previously.  However, there are a few precautions you can take at home to try and avoid those colds or allergies while back at school.

Kid’s Xlear Sinus Care Nasal Spray is a combination of Xylitol and saline that soothes and moisturizes the sinus and nasal passages.  After using this nasal spray on my children as babies for years as well as my teenager AND best friends (all who have suffered from several allergies and/or ear infections), I'm confident in the ability of Xlear products helping prevent basic cold's and allergies.  With a variety of oral and sinus care products, Xlear helps create a first line of defense in keeping your students healthy regardless of their schools environment or the germy kids sitting next to them.  Keep those kids feeling healthy before cold and allergies hit.
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Sometimes sickness seems inevitable though.  When is does find it's way creeping into your home, there are a few products you want to have on hand.  Especially because running to the store with a sick and miserable child is never fun.  It usually never fails the products you want and depend on normally could be out of stock.  First and foremost, we always want to know the symptoms our child might be feeling.  With the Medical Forehead Thermometer by iProven, you can take your child's temperature quickly during the day or easily with the back light at night

Reading in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, you can take temperature via head or ear.  What's even cooler than the 1 second reading, you can recall the last 20 readings.  This way you've got all readings tracked and you can monitor your child's improvement.  Not many thermometers can compete with this one and having it on hand seems imperative.  Keeping watch over fevers is key in helping kids feel better!

When my kids get sick, I tend to feel helpless.  I try to make them as comfortable as I can.  Kids Relief Oral Solutions are homeopathic formulas which you can easily (and obviously) give to your child orally.  Each formula helps relieve symptoms associated with each sickness whether it be flu, cold, fever, allergy, and more. *Note that this product is safe to use for children over 2 years of age (so perfect for your school age kiddos).

I love that each formula contains no dyes or sugar as my children have had an adverse reaction to those types of ingredients.  These products have worked well for Declan for sure, he even asks for "his medicine" when he starts feeling sick. He is always the first one to start feeling better!  I believe in the quality and the quickness that this product brings relief.  Make those little ones feel better the minute they start feeling ill.

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  1. I believe their assignment notebook will be very helpful to make sure no homework is forgotten

  2. Optimum Environment would be wonderful my child has a heart transplant and the humidity has been to high inside and outside my home!


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