Unique #BacktoSchool Essentials (Part 1)

We all know Back to School season is in full force and while we know kids need the top trends in school supplies, there are more products which can help make a parent's life a bit easier too!  Today I have a few unique Back to School must have's for parents and their children as school resumes (or starts for the younger ones).

Optimum Start
Children are learning much earlier than each generation before them.  They are learning in different ways and as a parent trying to keep up can seem almost impossible.  However, it doesn't have to be.  There are amazing products like Teach My that help you from the very beginning in ways that little minds work.  Teach My is a kit/program developed by a disappointed mother who was just looking for one place to find the tools she needed to help her children learn at home.

When Mom, Christy Cook couldn't find one that had it all available in the same place, she literally created one herself.  She stepped up. did the research with local moms and playgroups, and created Teach My Toddler.  I don't know about you but it seems like a great way to start preparing your child for school and future academic excellence.  Now not only do I have two young children in elementary school who love learning with each of their own kits, I have a Senior in High School who loves helping them along with the lessons as well! Teach My is available online, nationwide at Toys R' Us, and nationwide at Walmart's Women Owned!  Get teaching those little ones early!
Facebook:  Teach-My
Twitter: @teachmy
Pinterest:  Teach-My

Optimum Focus
It wasn't until two years when Alana (my teenage daughter) needed to see an eye doctor that I realized how quickly a child's focus can deteriorate based on more than their attention span.  When Alana started getting frequent headaches in school, her grades dropped, and began slowly doing poorly on the school eye exams, I knew we were off to the eye doctor. Sure enough she needed a prescription and the Doctor believed this was the reason for all of the above. The thing about all this though is how much of a pain this entire process can be. Not only do you need an initial visit but a follow up one if it is your first time with glasses.  You usually get stuck ordering your glasses and having to return to the doctors to pick them up. I get annoyed having to drag my other young children back for such tedious tasks.

Thankfully I no longer have to worry about all these factors as I was recently introduced to Glasses Shop. Online shopping has become more than a trend but a way of life.  You can save gas money and mileage, tons of time, and money on additional appointments at the doctor when buying prescription eyeglasses.  I can now order online from the comfort of my own home from the company Glasses Shop. I can even try on my frames or sunglasses by loading a profile picture (or one of my teenagers many selfies).

You can also save TONS of money on frames with their low, low prices and special sales.  Both Alana and I have loved our glasses and their unique style!  Their new campaign, First Pair of Glasses Free which means all the new customers can have a pair of free glasses except shipping and handling fee AND my readers can enter the coupon code 'GSHOT50' 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded). Get your child focused on school this Fall.
Facebook:  Glasses Shop 
Twitter:  @GlassesShop

Optimum Power
Kid's these days have a whole new set of rules when it comes to technology and music.  They are constantly on the go and need access to all of their devices all the time it seems.  Between the kids tablets, cell phones, and portable speakers, there are never enough outlets in my house.  That was until I was sent over the Aleratec 6 Port USB Charging Station which is the perfect gift for my teenager as she returns to school.  This wonderful tool not only adds 6 super speed USB ports to any computer or USB outlet (similar to how a power strip works).  Charging up to four tablets and two smart phones at the same time.

This little device works with pretty much every smartphone, tablet, music player with USB.  We tested this out right away and I've got to tell you in works extremely well even when using all ports and charging multiple devices at the same time.  Your student can throw this compact device in their backpack for on the go charging at school or at any event they attend.  Or it can become an organizational life saver in their bedroom.  Never leave them without powered devices!
Facebook:  Aleratec
Twitter: @aleratec

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  1. We would like to have the Aleratec 6 Port USB Charging Station for this year for school. With so many electronics these days, this would be perfect.

  2. Definitely the glasses! she's already mentioned this year difficulty seeing the board:(

  3. I think the Teach My Learning Kits would be most helpful for my boys. It is something either my husband or myself can help with or that they could do together.

  4. I think the charging port will be very helpful to my daughter this year with all of her electronics.

    Samantha (samdaleo)

  5. I think I would like the My Teachings Kit for my daughter, it would be a great activty for us.

  6. I appreciate the concept behind the "Teach My Toddler" learning kit. I believe it demonstrates early learning skills that are essential to cognitive growth. I know it is imperative that toddlers develop basic communicative, abstract, creative and literacy attributes that contribute to early cognitive development. A kit in which all family members can engage them in learning these concepts in a fun interactive way is something I would love to acquire.

  7. I am interested in the Kids Relief Oral Formula! Thanks so much for the chances to win.

  8. I think we would use the charging station the most but my toddlers would enjoy the My Teach set.

  9. the charging port would be great for them because when they are at the sitters after school they would all be able to charge at once

  10. I know new glasses would really make her school year start off right.

  11. The teach my learning kit will be most helpful since she is a grade behind in her reading!

  12. The glasses for sure. Glasses can be super expensive, and I am always looking for ways to save money on such an expensive purchase! Four of five of the family is currently wearing glasses. The email I check most often is

  13. I'm very interested in the teach my kits, I think my kids will love them!

  14. The charging port will probably be the most useful

  15. Charger is my pick- everything is electronic so this would help keep things neater

  16. the 6 usb port station would be great for my family.

  17. New glasses! My daughter is so rough on hers.


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