Vidi Skincare IncreduLash Review

        So I don't know about you, but I get a little jealous when I see little kids who have the most gorgeous thick, long, and full eyelashes.  I swear these seem to mostly be little boys and of course my two have the longest lashes.  I feel like have thin and short eyelashes in comparison to them.  Trying to use mascara to make them look longer without getting a bunch of clumps seems to prove to be quite an issue for me and looks very unnatural.

        When Vidi Skincare asked me to review their Eyelash Serum, I was both excited to give something new a try and hesitant as my eyes are quite sensitive when it comes to putting anything on them, especially makeup.  This revolutionary product actually makes your eyelashes fuller and thicker without having to add gobs of mascara to them or gluing any gawd awful fake lashes to your eyelids.

        IncreduLash is made int he USA and is also non-irritating, unlike the prescription ones you might see advertised on television.  It is both prostaglandin and paraben free.  With an easy swipe of the eyelash enhancing serum above your lashes or on your brows, you should see a 20% increase in just a couple weeks.  Honestly, while I haven't noticed a huge difference in the physical feel, you can see from my before and after pics there appears to be a slight growth.

        This one has really seemed to work for me with no side effects like itchy eyes which is HUGE for me.  This is easy enough to use, it is just like putting on a liquid liner.  I love that after only two weeks using this, it is actually giving results seen in a photo (or creepy close-up selfie, LOL).

Cost/Available to purchase: $35.75 IncreduLash 
Recommendation:  I think yes this is a bit pricey for me when it comes to a beauty product BUT I think that really is just me.  When you look at similar competitors and with how well this seemed to work in such a little time, the price seems on point.

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