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What do you turn to when you are sore or have the aches? You probably are reaching for the oral systemic pain relievers that over time can cause major side effects to certain organs of you body. From GI issues to liver damage, OTC oral pain relievers need to be kept at a minimum to prevent these damages to your body. I always keep Salonpas on hand because they work so well as topical pain relievers that do not need to be consumed or processed through any major organs. You can simple, spray, rub on or patch the painful area and let the topical analgesic do its job at the spot.

Parenting Healthy has been featuring Salonpas products for some time now and I love the relationship that has formed. This newest post is to make you aware of the New & Improved Salonpas Pain Relieving Patch. There is more medicine 3.1% camphor and 3% more Menthol), it's a larger size (20% larger) and is peel resistant which means you get better flexibility from the patch.



To celebrate a newer and more effective pain patch, Salonpas is offering a $100 Value Salonpas Product Package Giveaway for you! Enter below. Open to US and ends on 3/7. Good luck!

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  1. I learned a lot about different pains and strains of our body's that we can have from everyday life.

  2. Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)? RA can be hard to diagnose because the types and severity of symptoms vary from person to person

  3. I have used the patches for some time but learned that they have a gel and a spray product as well.

  4. I learned that SALONPAS® provides fast & long lasting relief directly at the site of pain without going through the digestive system.


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