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With a new celebrity baby announcement released almost every day, it seems there are more haute moms-to-be than ever before.  Mothers-to-be don't have to feel limited in what they wear and how they support their favorite styles.  Feeling helpless and unattractive doesn't have to be a pregnancy norm as it has in the past.  Finally we can find inspiration in our favorite celebrities.’s maternity fashion expert, Robin Otto, shares her top five stylish pregnant celebrities for their third annual “Best Dressed Bumps” list.  From Chrissy Teigen's expertly styled outfits to Ivanka Trump’s gorgeous ensembles, you can get plenty of inspiration from these currently pregnant stars’ stellar style:

1. Chrissy Teigen: The super model steps out in a simple grey body con dress paired a khaki jacket and mirrored aviators, bringing a whole new level of comfy chic to the streets of NYC.

2. Emily Blunt: Its baby number two for Mrs. Krasinski, who recently debuted her bump in chic,  light blue winter wear while on the set of her upcoming movie The Girl on the Train.

3. Ivanka Trump: Not only does the gorgeous business mogul rock pregnancy chic during the day, but she also has evening maternity-wear down as well, as seen here in a playful blue floral frock.

4. Liv Tyler: The actress proves that maternity-wear doesn’t need to be dowdy at the recent Critics' Choice Awards. The look is effortlessly elegant, with a bit of edge thanks to the thigh-high slit.

5. Anne Hathaway: Who said you can't wear a mini dresses when you're pregnant? The expectant mama recently debuted her blossoming bump in a black mod minidress on the red carpet.

I hated the fact that I didn't have the confidence to wear the outfits I wanted.  While I am not pregnant myself, you never know.  The celebrities were far and few between.  But now, women can embrace their bump! As an aside, Robin has compiled a few more trendy tips to help take your maternity style to the next level:

1. Invest in a great pair of maternity jeans. Purchase a pair of over-the-belly denim when you are about 13-16 weeks along.  It may seem unnecessary in the early stages, but you will be grateful that you have them once you hit the 6-month mark.

*Style Tip: you can fold over the belly to create an underbelly jean if you do not fill out the belly band or if you need added support at the hip area.  You can also do the same thing after pregnancy, stretching (pun intended!) the life of your jeans.

2. Look for side-ruched tops. “Side ruched” tops are great because they hide the early pregnancy belly when you haven’t quite popped yet, as well as camouflage any problem areas after baby has arrived.

*Style Tip: Look out for tees like that are 100% cotton.  They do not hold their shape as well as tops with a spandex blend.

3. Buy true maternity wear instead of just going up a size. Maternity clothes are fit to a pregnant model and designed with a drape to accommodate a growing baby bump. Invest in key pieces to get you comfortably through pregnancy.

*Style Tip: If you want to utilize some of your pre-pregnancy wear, put on your pre-pregnancy blazers and cardigans open and pair them with a fitted maternity tee and maternity pants.

Being pregnant doesn't mean you can't still love and do the same things you did beforehand.  At online retailer zulily, shoppers have something new to discover each and every morning including apparel and accessories, maternity wear, kitchen, kid’s fashion and more – all at the best prices.  Being uncomfortable in your new (temporary) skin and clothing doesn't have to be a constant and thanks to zulily, expecting woman can fall in love with their new bodies and lifestyles!  Be sure to check back often on or on their mobile app, especially on February 29th, where they’ll be hosting a Star of Your Baby Shower event for style essentials no modern mama should be without.

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