What Does HEALTHY Mean? #FitnFree16 states HEALTHY by definition is:
1. possessing or enjoying good health or a sound and vigorous mentality:
a healthy body; a healthy mind.
2. pertaining to or characteristic of good health, or a sound and vigorous mind:
a healthy appearance; healthy attitudes.
3. conducive to good health; healthful:
healthy recreations.
4. prosperous or sound:
a healthy business.
5. Informal. fairly large:
I bought a healthy number of books.

Below is what comes up on Google image search for the term "Healthy"


Is healthy an image?

Do you need to appear skinny or thin to be considered healthy?  Or is an athletic, muscular build a healthier appearance?  What about those that are neither...not all ripped or thin but not overweight either?  Does that qualify as unhealthy?  At that point what about those who are overweight according to societies standards, yet they are satisfied with how they look?

Is healthy a feeling?

Does a healthy person have tons of energy or motivation each day?  Is a healthy person always happy?  Is a healthy person one who never get's sick or is lazy at times?

Is healthy eating?

Does healthy mean eating only a strict diet?  Does it mean limiting and counting calories?  Must a person only eat certain foods or cut certain ones out to be considered healthy?  Is healthy following a specific eating schedule and never straying from the routine?  Does healthy mean you can't overindulge once in a while?  Are those who eat what they enjoy all the time mean they are or aren't healthy?

Is healthy a medical status?

Does a doctor have to declare you healthy when it comes to size, shape, foods, blood pressure, mentally, and physically?

You tell me.  What is your definition of healthy?

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  1. I don't know. Maybe healthy is feeling good in your own skin, lol. (I'm diabetic & have arthritis, plus I need to lose weight. I do not feel healthy!) But I know people with all 3 of those issues who probably feel they are doing okay. Maybe healthy has a different meaning to every individual.

  2. To me being healthy is feeling good (generally). Being able to get through each day without constant pain. Being able to sleep at night. Being free from constant illness.

  3. (What Does HEALTHY Mean? #FitnFree16) I have always tried to eat healthy, but I know I really lack on the fitness part in a every other day routine. I have to work on that part this year for a healthier life.


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