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As a frequent drinker of energy drinks and actually a dedicated individual to a particular brand, there was a slight hesitation as to whether or not I wanted to try a new kind.  I’ve tried several others throughout the years and have not been a fan of the taste or even the smell which has me put off from trying anymore.  I despise how much they can cost, so much it's caused me to limit how much I can drink to save money.  However, this is not a solution as it also puts a limit on my productivity some days!

A while back I had learned that some vitamins actually deteriorate in water over time.  So when you are buying those vitamin waters and energy drinks, are you really getting everything they say you are?  It's because of all these reasons, I was quite thrilled to give something new a try when I was asked to review Mettle Energy products.  With my “normal” energy drink not seeming to be as effective in the past and no reasonably priced other options available, this was a perfect opportunity to see if I would enjoy Mettle Energy and how it would effect me.

Mettle Energy offers a wide variety of powdered energy mixes which can be made to create 16 oz drinks or 2 oz shots. Decide between a variety of flavors in each mix and easily enjoy savings like you've never seen in similar drink brands.  I was excited to hear that Mettle Energy drinks have ZERO calories which makes for a HUGE difference compared to other popular brands.

We went with Tropical Cooler and Strawberry Kiwi flavored drink mix as well as the Tropical Cooler and Strawberry Lemonade shot mix.  Not only do you choose your flavor but you get to mix it up when you are ready for a boost.  No more worrying about how long your drinks have been on the shelf, loss of flavor, benefits, or or insane costs!  The energy shots are as low as 40 cents per serving and the regular drinks are as low as 45 cents per serving.

Can you seriously say WOW when it comes to cost?!  Plus, when I first tried Mettle Energy I was pleasantly surprised at how tasted.  There was no heavy, sugary flavor nor was it bitter or sour tasting.  It honestly tasted smooth and fruity.  I loved the boost of energy I got when I decide to mix up a drink or shot.  Not only is this perfect for endurance during our late night softball games, it can even help me the next morning to improve mental alertness which god knows I need when writing!

With the thousands of energy drinks available and each one promising you the world, it was nice to have something a bit different!  I think it is safe to say they've met their goals in my eyes..."Our mission is to provide regular consumers of energy products with an affordable, portable, and delicious alternative to the grossly over-priced energy products that currently saturate the market."

Cost/Available to purchase:  Energy Store  + Free shipping on orders over $35.
Recommendation:  I think this price is beyond cheap and reasonable compared to other energy options.  This actually worked without giving me the shakes.  My husband was happy using this for both work and working out and my daughter's used it on exam days herself!
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