Find Goods 3 Tier Stand #FruitsCakesDessertsPlate Review

        Because we entertain pretty much every weekend throughout the year here, we are always looking for new and creative ideas for those gatherings.  Also being that I used to work at a restaurant that provided catering I find myself being very meticulous about designs on plates and trays whether its for a group of strangers or just myself.

        Never in my life would I have thought I might have a difficult time planning for a large party like I am currently for my daughters graduation party this Summer.  We've got tons and tons of plans that we are trying to bring together into an elegant celebration for her as we send her off into the adult world.  We have a pretty specific menu picked out and currently are trying to plan for the way we will display each food option.

        I was thrilled when I discovered the Find Goods 3 Tier Plate Stand.  I figured it would work really well for the foods (that did not need to be kept on ice) which we'd be "dipping" in our fondues on the tables.  At only $18, I figured this would be a great price although I was a bit disappointed I could not get it in a solid Stainless Steel look to match everything we have planned for the decor.  I just figured I would paint it to match once it arrived.

        Unfortunately, I have to say the 3 Tier Plate Stand's arrival began a series of disappointments.  When it is assembled, it's wobbly as the bottom screw is not flush or above the bottom level of the plate.  There are no feet to keep this sturdy or from tipping.  Yes completely my fault for not reading the details but this was much smaller than I had thought it would be.  After looking at their pictures where it was loaded with fruits, I expected something much larger.

        I was honestly only able to fit small candies or crackers on it without spilling or overfilling to a point where it didn't look right.  I had really been hopeful for this to make for a center point to one of our tables but at this point it will be luck if it is brought out unfortunately.  I think if they can make a few small adjustments like adding padded feet even, this would be a much more worthwhile purchase.  However at this point $10 is too much for a product which won't even stand straight on it's own.

Cost/Available to purchase:  $18.99 3 Tier Plate Stand 

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  1. Yep, I know what it's like when something just isn't what you expected. I love stands like this, but they have to be big enough! When I order things like this, or even flat trays, I try to find a measurement, but sometimes you just can't find one!


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