Gameday Leggings Review

My family loves their sports in every aspect you could imagine.  My husband and I play on an adult softball league together during the Summer.  We were both very into team sports growing up and in college.  The boys are quite active in little league teams of their own. Our daughter has been involved in everything from softball to basketball to color guard.  My husband comes from a family which is die hard into football even in the off season.

So you can imagine that when we aren't playing a sport of some kind, we are at a game supporting our favorite teams, our favorite players, and our family.  And when we aren't at a physical game, one is sure to be on TV.  Our selection of gear for the various teams and sports is quite extensive.  But now with a college bound daughter, we are finding a need for a new type of fun gear as she supports her school in a fashionable way.

"Gameday leggings came to life during the 2014 football season" as an alternative to logos and trademarked gear.  Before getting a set of these for my daughter, I looked at their size chart which I felt was too general and a wide range in sizes it seemed.  I went with a medium in size thinking along the lines of normal leggings and her wearing a small/medium normally.

These arrived absolutely huge and she was swimming in these.  Not only do they not fit like normal leggings, they fit me and I normally wear an XL in leggings.  The material is not like normal leggings either although it is soft and thin.  After watching their video I guess I understand why they tried to make them larger and longer than normal leggings so they can be folded over jeans and such.

However, no where on their website can I find an explanation of this being the purpose or a heads up other than their broad size chart.  According to their website and a video, these can be worn 5 different ways (Jazzy Julie Flip, Sassy Sage Shrug, Crazy Christi Capri, Patsi Pop Top and I'm assuming like regular leggings).  This is COMPLETELY MISLEADING!!

Realistically, you might be able to get away with 3 styles if you ask me.  One of the styles basically tells you to cut YES CUT the crotch of the leggings out to make a shirt which is not a versatile way to wear them, it's completely modifying the clothing. I can also tell you as someone who sews (as more than just a hobby), the material they are made from would be easily destroyed by your average college student cutting these to wear as a "top".

Cost/Available to purchase:  $31 Leggings 
Recommendation:  I do not recommend these at all at this point.  My daughter was super excited about this purchase until they arrived and was left with a clothing piece which will never be touched.  The clothing material resembles that from one of those cheap teen stores.  Not only does it not fit, it doesn't "work" in all the ways we had hoped.  Maybe if they were priced more in the $10 range, we'd be more apt to try these again or recommend them even after our experience.
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