Butt Paste Review

Obviously, every seasoned parent has got their preference when it comes to diapering and diaper cream, so here's to ours!  Our first child never had a diaper rash and honestly I feel as if it almost set me up for a world of surprise (and hurt) when the second one came along.  Dane filled his diapers at a pretty specific schedule and life was simple.  Declan had terrible, horrible diaper rash and loved to surprise us throughout the day with his diapers!

I've never discovered a product which worked almost instantly and on rashes of different severity levels.  I've even got to be honest, we've found a few "other" issues that Butt Paste works on once your past the diaper stage.  It works on older children or adults when they have a sore or raw rear end.  Or I've even used it to sooth my chafed legs after a long day walking around in the summer.

While I initially used the Original Butt Paste® for each of my child's issues, I quickly learned there are more products available.  Not only is there a formula for the more extreme rashes (Maximum Strength Butt Paste®), but there is even a product for prevention for those little ones prone to diaper rash more often (Rash Preventor™).  There's even an All Natural Butt Paste® formula.

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  1. we have used this on many of the grandbabies and it works really good

  2. I've never used this product for diaper rash before, but I've heard a lot of good things about it!

  3. I know a lot of the Mommies in my family have used Boudreaux's! They all swear by it, so it must be pretty good!


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