Belly Bandit Maternity Support Tank First Trimester Must Have

Recently mentioning how pregnant woman can feel when getting dressed each day, I've got to share a clothing staple that is a must have regardless of your wardrobe style (or size).  Every woman needs a good tank/cami.  They can be easily worn alone, are perfect for layering, or wear one underneath for extra coverage and support.

As my pregnant belly grows, my tanks get tight and uncomfortable.  They ride up showing my belly and barely cover my busty top.  So when given the opportunity to work with Belly Bandit on one of their Maternity Support Tanks.  Featuring a special WonderWeave™ fabric, this is more than just a tank.

Not only was this one of the most comfortable tanks that I've ever worn in general but with the WonderWeave™ fabric, you can give your belly a deep moisture treatment.  The special fabric keeps moisturizers from soaking into any other clothing and continuously hydrates your belly skin.  "Simply apply your favorite stretch mark cream to your belly, slip on your tank and you're ready to go!"

At the end of the day, I honestly took off my bra and left the tank on I felt so supported.  With an extremely large bust that continues to grow, this is a huge plus for any clothing.  I loved how long this is and how the fabric stretches with my body without thinning the material or creating an uncomfortable feel.  I foresee more of these tanks in my future - pregnant or not!

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  1. I wish I had something like this when I was pregnant. I had a lot of back pain.

  2. Well, this is pretty neat! It's a great idea & even though I'm way past having kids, it would make a nice gift for a pregnant friend!


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