Green Your Home This #EarthDay

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It's Earth Day!  So what does that mean?  For many it means continuing to support the same lifestyle they already have in place while spending this day celebrating all the hard work done throughout the year.  For others it means a starting point into making that GREEN transition.  In making the decision to begin a major transition to have a green (technology filled) household, there are always going to be struggles even for the seasoned individuals.

Whether it's favorite products or a dependable brand that you've been loyal to forever.  Sometimes it's not everyone's decision or everyone doesn't give a 100% commitment.  Whatever it is though everyone needs to be reasonable, open to other ideals, and allow each individual to make those changes at their own speed.  There are tons of Green Brands here to help!  Personally, I spend tons of time each day adding easy ways to start and maintain a green lifestyle in my Growing into Green section.

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  1. We recycle everything we can and use natural products whenever possible.


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