Gear Up to Get Going #FitnFree16 - Part 5 When All Else Fails #Giveaway

Recently, I decided to start a journey in changing my definition of healthy.  Healthiness and Happiness come in all shapes, sizes, colors.  I've decided while it is about setting better schedules and plans, it's also about living in the moment, not giving up on yourself, and determining what YOUR healthy is.

Anyone who might be interested in feeling better in all areas of their lives, getting all around healthy (YOUR healthy), and trying to live freely with less stress, I highly recommend gearing up with some of the brands listed below.

Enjoy the Simple Pleasures
All else fails, enjoy a wonderful snack and a good read.  Relax and reward your hard work.  When it comes to gourmet snacks, it doesn't get any better than Bauli and is "Positive Thoughts! Positive Life" a great book for distressing regardless of your age!

The Bauli croissants are individually wrapped, delicious treats that anyone can enjoy on the go or chilling in their favorite chair while reading their favorite book.  "Made using a 'mother dough' naturally leavened dough, these oven-baked croissants are filled either chocolate, cherry, or vanilla custard.

The Bauli croissants are better than any packaged snack you've ever tasted and are as fresh as something I baked 5 minutes prior.  Our only complaint is that they weren't filled more with the delicious insides. Positive Thoughts! Positive Life is one of those feel good books that works for any age.  My eight year old is a fan of the book just as much as I have been with all of it's positive messages.

Positive Thoughts! Positive Life synopsis says, "During her daily adventures, Kylie reflects on all of the wonderful things that come to her each and every day.  More importantly, she learns to turn challenges into learning opportunities.  In addition to learning from Kylie, you will have the opportunity to add your own positive affirmations in a journal page at the end of her story.  Whether you are a child or an adult, Kylie can teach the value of daily reflection and help you discover the power of Positive Thoughts, Positive Life!"
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  1. The best thing you can do is always know you are special. Believe in yourself because only you can make things happen.

  2. Do the best that you can do and don't compare yourself to others.

  3. Make the most out of every moment.

  4. Say positive things about yourself throughout the day.

  5. always remember that You are not alone. He is always with you

  6. Tell your Mother you love her everyday.

  7. Do not give up! You can always survive and overcome! There are always people in this world who have it worse, harder (insert other adjectives here) and they can do it, so you can too! You are capable of so much, the mind is the weakest link.
    addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com
    Ashley C

  8. i say positive mantras so that i can stay positive.

  9. never give up, never surrender! - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  10. i have no self confidence and im trying to improve this. I keep telling myself YES YOU CAN

  11. Days are long. years are short. Protect medical freedom and smile.

  12. Always believe in yourself is a way to stay positive

  13. It's not what you have- it's what you believe!

  14. Choose to stay positive no matter what you're going through.

  15. I am a big believer in prayer, so I keep verses around me that uplift me everyday.
    Sherri J


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