Serious Summer Fun for the Pet Family

Pets are our family and we do everything we can to take care of them.  Sometimes they are our children or maybe they are an addition to the kids; They can be best friends and confidants; Sometimes they replace lost loved ones and other times they bring to joy to new loves.  Either way our pet's hold a special place in each of our hearts.  If you feel the same way, I've got some really great products for your furry, scaly, or feathered family members this Summer!

Food for Fun 
We always expect the most from the companies that provide our food but why not for our pets?! When I started researching all the great brands I could feature for Earth Day this year, I discovered one for my furry family which I am quite excited about.  Wellness Pet Food provides more than just a healthy meal for you dogs and cats.  They take it a step further and are "the first pet food brand to partner with recycling leader TerraCycle – you can upcycle your pet’s food packaging into something new and usable, from collars to totes!"  

With three large breed dogs who are all very different, we try to give them all high quality foods.  Capone my older male who has always had a sensitive stomach, either throwing up food constantly or different foods causing skin irritations.  Jager our puppy eats anything he can get his mouth on (non-edible too) needs a healthy diet just to keep his system in check.  With Rayne, the easiest of the three, needing something focused on both joint nutrition as well as an easily digestible food since she is an extremely fast eater.

NEW Wellness Complete Health Natural Grain Free Food for Dogs are "formulated with wholesome and natural ingredients plus a boost of super nutrients including antioxidants, omega fatty acids, prebiotics and probiotics" and grain free carbs. I wouldn't have known about the importance of Grain Free food for dogs if it weren't for my sisters dog who already requires a Grain Free diet.  To no surprise, they are already using Wellness Pet Food for this very reason!

Not that I expected any of them to turn up their noses because these products were all natural or anything but I wanted to try something new.  Each of the dogs gobbled up the foods and my furry kiddos were quite content with their dinner surprise!  When checking out Wellness Pet Foods, be sure to head over to Terracycle and learn more about the Wellness® Pet Food Recycling Program.
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Play Those Furry Paws Out
Just like children, our pets love to play!  Keeping them active is an important part of their health.  Plus, if your like us and you've got both kids and furry kids, you know how both their eyes light up with excitement when they can do this together!  A while back I was fortunate enough to discover a pretty awesome couple brands of dog toys.  Our favorite Quaker Pet Group Brand being goDog™ and including Hear Doggy!®, SHERPA®, and the new kathy ireland® Loved Ones.

The Hear Doggy!® collection consists of ultrasonic plush toys with a squeaker that ONLY your dog can hear!  Yes, you heard me right...you won't hear a thing!  Your dog can have a blast playing all day and night thinking they are making the noise of a lifetime.  Meanwhile, you can sleep, YOUR children can nap, and everyone can watch the TV without having to turn the volume up louder than the irritating dog toy.  "Hear Doggy! toys are available in 2 plush designs: Stuffed toys and Flats which contain no messy stuffing in the body.

While these worked just as well as they said they would as I never heard a thing, the "flat" so called stuffing free pig toy was absolutely not.  I could not believe how fast Rayne tore this apart.  It was very obviously her favorite of all the new toys but literally within minutes we had stuffing from the face all over the floor. She even shortly there after had the squeaker pulled out as well.  If you have a anything other than a smaller dog who enjoys keeping their toys in shape, I don't recommend this type of toy.
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Now, the FurBallz was a whole different story.  It has a squeaker inside and was exactly like the other types of balls they love to play with.  Rayne was also hooked on this thing and determined to get that squeaker out.  It was absolutely adorable watching the three dogs play catch with each other and the boys.  Although, we eventually had to throw the ball away because it got to be disgusting, it lasted for well over a week in our house which was an accomplishment!

Both a family and pet favorite of the goDog™ line was the Crazy Tugs.  "Crazy Tugs feature arms and legs that pull through the body for great tugging fun. Made with Chew Guard Technology™ these toys will stand up to tough play!"  Capone and Jager loved the new toy as I found them constantly playing a gentle tag-o-war with it.  I loved how easy this was for the kids to play safely with the dogs without getting too close to little fingers.  So far I'm pretty surprised as to how tough the monkey is as it's lasted weeks so far!
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Keep those dogs movin' with the new line of stylish kathy ireland® Loved Ones leads, collars and travel accessories.  With unique features like the accessory ring for keys or waste bag holders, it's hard to resist walking your dog in such a style like this.  Living on a country road now, our dogs just love the times we can get out to walk and explore the nearby farms.  I love the built in Shock absorption handle for use with Capone who loves to pull and yank since we can't seem to go fast enough for the old man!  Don't miss out on finally having an affordable but extremely fashionable look for those strolls with your furry kiddos!
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Good Hygiene Fun
You also need to worry about health as a responsible pet owner.  Taking your pets to the vet for a regular check up and vaccines is very important.  Just like humans, a dogs teeth can make all the difference in their health - both long and short term.  I've never been a fan of brushing any of my dogs teeth and not because I don't want to but more-so because it's a messy job.  My dogs are slobbery messes to begin with and then you try to add a brush and a tasty paste to their jaws....?

Whimzees has the solution for every pet parent in town.  They are an amazing dog chew available in a variety of shapes and sizes (depending on your dogs preference).  Whimzees unique shapes which are always changing help prevent the build up of tarter, "ensure proper blood flow through the gums and prevent bad breath". They contain ZERO artificial ingredients, colors, flavors, preservatives, GMOs, gluten, or meat.

But the important and key question is...how did my pups enjoy these and have they made a difference.  All three LOVED them and begged for more so I can definitely tell you these are 10x better than brushing when it comes to my three large breed slobber machines.  I have honestly not noticed a difference but it's only been a couple weeks since we started using them.  I would still recommend them for your dog's oral health (plus they make great bonus treats)!
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  1. We've been talking about getting a dog for our family.

  2. It's good to know the dogs actually liked the food! Too often, when I would spend money on organic or all natural treats, my last dog would refuse to eat it! Taste is important, lol.


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