Stickers Stickers Custom Decal Review

        I have always been one of those people who loves to find unique and out of the ordinary sayings or quotes on them.  I am all about expressing your personality and style through different means that just verbally.  It seems that the decor you find on the walls of people's homes is a bit more simpler than it used to be.  It's more likely nowadays to find wall art in the form of decals.  I was more than pumped when Stickers Stickers asked me to complete a review of one of their decals

        Searching through there large variety of wall quotes, decals, and designs, I came across several I wanted to have.  However, one in particular inspired me to create my own using their Custom Wall Decal Designer.  Since before Kevin and I first got married, we have loved working on huge puzzles.  Now three children later, it has become a family tradition which brings us all together. Just about every puzzle we put together as a family, we frame and put on display.

        After searching for the perfect quote, I found one which would perfect for our wall of puzzles.  "Family is like a puzzle, it is not complete without all of its pieces."  Once I had something together in an image, I went to work using the designer to create my perfect decal.  Initially, I thought this was going to be fairly simple since I've got imaging experience and as a blogger, I edit photos frequently.

        Unfortunately, I was wrong.  I seemed to have quite a bit of trouble getting the image the correct size and pixels so that it would come out crisp and clear without any blurriness.  What I can tell you is that even through my struggles, the customer service was phenomenal and they were always available for support helping guide me through the process!  While I could have been frustrated enough to give up, I never felt that way as they helped me and were always friendly!

        Once this arrived, I obviously wanted this one up right away!  It was opened immediately.  *Beware upon opening, they use staples instead of tape to seal the tube.  As you can see from my pictures, this is a definite negative point to shipping as someone not paying attention could destroy their sticker easily before it even comes out of the tube.  I recommend pulling the staples before trying to pull the graphic out.

        Not only is the decal completely removable (like all of their decals) but it will not leave a residue or mark on the wall!  this way, it can easily be removed when they grow out of this phase but can be moved and reused somewhere else.  I absolutely love the way it turned out, the quality, and how well it compliments our family's style!

Available to purchase/Cost:  Custom design decals starting at $39
Facebook: Stickers Stickers
Twitter:  @stickersx2

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  1. I would really like to get some nice wall decals for my living room!

  2. I like the idea of creating your own wall decal. (We work puzzles here, too, so I love the quote you chose!)


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