Ignite Those Senses w/ Revelae Discovery Boxes Review

Revelae Kids
The problem with today's children is that technology has seemed to get in the way of spending quality time together offline, outdoors, being active, or creating things with our imaginations.  While I try to constantly keep the kids outside during the summer with a variety of activities, we are always looking for new creative ways to spend our time indoors.  Sometimes, it's just too hot for the kids outside or they need fun entertainment on those rainy days.

So when Revelae Kids asked me to to review one of their Discovery Boxes, I knew it would be the perfect sensory activity for the summer.  Revelae Kids carries "innovative snack time and playtime solutions encourage healthy lifestyles for active kids".  We were thrilled about the arrival of our Ocean Exploration Discovery Box and quite excited to get it set up.

Not only are there tons of ocean creatures, plants, and shells/gems included but there's also 2 lbs. aqua water beads + 1 refill so this kit lasts much longer than just one play session.  My boys even decided this would be a great place to "hide" several of their own treasures for later play.  They created adventures and stories each time they decided to go exploring in the ocean and I love how this kit inspired them to create their own underwater world!

Available to purchase/Cost:  $40 Ocean Exploration Discovery Box Sensory Bin 
Recommendation:  Unfortunately, I have to say the cost is pretty high for something like this which you could easily create on your own for half the price.  Though I'd definitely recommend checking out the different kits for inspiration in creating your own OR purchasing one as a starter set for your kiddos to build their own environment over the Summer.
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