Sleeping Soundly With Kinder Glo Review #CouponCode

Getting those kids rested right during the summer is key.  As most any parent knows, there is just something about the Summer weather, increased sunshine, and excitement about being out of school that changes your child's entire routine.  Some sleep easier, others are wired 24/7...some can fall asleep anywhere and others find new "issues" with sleeping comfortably.

It doesn't surprise me to find I've got the kid with the "issues" sleeping in the same bed he did throughout the school year.  He's taken the summer opportunity to worm his way back into our bed which is exactly why I wanted to discuss the importance of sleep this Summer and an easy way to help make those little ones more comfortable in their own environment.  Believe me as a parent of two minimal sleeping children, I can promise your sanity might just depend on it!

Set the perfect atmosphere for those kiddos by getting them a special night light.  I say special on purpose because just not any night light is going to cut it, especially for some of those picky and very particular children like I've got.  If they are old enough, get them involved in telling you what they would like.  Kinder Glo night lights have become a true necessity in our household.

Kinder Glo is a "Fun Safe Portable Night Light - Helping kids and parents alike make it through the night".  I find a huge sense of relieve when purchasing from a company that realizes this isn't just a product for children but for parents as well.  Right away we fell in love with the color changing design and unique styles available at Kinder Glo.  We let the boys pick out the night light design they most liked so they would feel comfortable int he new Summer environment we have been creating for them since school let out.

I love that these are made from a soft, safe, non-toxic material which is never hot to the touch.  With 11 playful characters available, we finally settled on the Dragon Night Light for the boys. I felt it had a perfect amount of light with a nice glow for the boys to still fall asleep while lit and for them to see clearly enough to get up in the middle of the night if they had to.

Even though we've got plug in night lights set up throughout the house (hallways and bathrooms), the boys love taking this around with them regardless of where they have to travel - day or night.  The night lights can stay lit up to 8-10 hours without needing to be recharged.  The dragon has quickly become Declan's favorite "buddy".

Cost/Available to purchase:  $24.95 Dragon Night Light 
Discount/Coupon Code: Get $5.00 off any purchase online by using promo code: LUCKYLB2016
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