Sexy Summer Shaves w/ Wahl Grooming

As a mother of two boys and another one on the way, I can tell you the subject of grooming becomes quite the important one with growing little ones.  Like many families, we are constantly on the go in our household.  Scheduling time to get each of the guys an appointment to get their hair cut, has been virtually impossible since the day the first baby came along.  As frequently as it needs to be done, coordinating it into our schedule has become more of a task than it's worth.

Purely for convenience, I've been cutting my husbands hair since the day our first son came along.  While we've tried to take the boys to a stylist in the past, I now share the responsibility of cutting both boys hair with my husband.  The boys do NOT cooperate with the stylists like they will for myself or their father.  It's become a special bonding moment for the family as we celebrate with frequent "family hair cut" nights.

During the Summer, there's nothing like having a fresh haircut and Wahl Grooming is the brand that makes it happen right at home.  Not only does Wahl have tons of great resources available for hair cutting videos and styles if you aren't sure where to start but their tools are easy to use and of a high quality which is sure to last any at home user!

The Lithium Ion Clipper is "Wahl’s most powerful battery operated clipper".  Powered by Lithium Ion technology, the clipper can last for around an hour 40 minutes on a full charge.  This is more than enough time needed to shave my husband's hair and at least one of the boys (pending their cooperation, lol).  Both the husband and my oldest son have thick naturally curly hair and I feel like it cuts through their hair like butter.

Wahl clippers cut smooth with no snagging or pulling.  There are no lag moments where the clippers lose the full force of their power and we are done before it seems like we started!  While I'd love to find my way back to the salon with the boys, I don't see it happening anytime soon.  In the meantime, the men in my family can rest easy and enjoy the same sexy shaves just as easily at home!
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