Summer Sensations

Experience this Summer in a different way.  Take the time to smell the flowers, feel the grass between your toes, excite those taste buds, stay up late, and feel better about yourself inside and out!  Part of enjoying the Summer is relaxing without the stress and enjoying your days to the fullest.

Sample the Sweetness 
I have always been one of those occasional tea and honey drinkers.  However it wasn't until I moved down south that I realized the variety of ways you could enjoy and use both tea and honey.  A lot of people don't realize the endless benefits of honey OR the endless ways you can use it.  I've been searching to find an organic honey brand which my family will love.  I was thrilled to discover a brand which offers more than just organic honey but a variety of unfiltered blends.

L.R. Rice currently produces 14 honey blends which are "100% PURE RAW + UNFILTERED honey. Nothing is ever added and all the nutrients remain in each bottle. Honey straight from the hive.”  Such natural honey can help with multiple ailments AND is best used as a healthy substitute for sugar!  We even use honey as an alternative when the kids get sick and are refusing medicine as well as when allergies hit our house bad.

The L.R. Rice honey has a sweet and smooth taste unlike anything you could imagine buying at a grocery store.  I'd love to say you can't notice a difference but I'd be lying.  This tastes amazingly fresh, sweet, and full of flavor.  We haven't had this in the house for two weeks and we've already gone through almost two large bottles with how much we are using this with everything!  This summer, you can sample the sweetness by treating allergies, baking a cake, grilling delicious meats, and even muddle up some sweet adult beverages using the L.R. Rice Honey!

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Sweet Smells Air Diffuser
Ever since my first pregnancy and pre-pregnancy class, I have been a huge fan and advocate of essential oils.  Recently though, I learned more about essential oil diffusers and all they can do for the home.  Being that we already run a humidifier in both of the kids rooms to help with different ailments AND frequently use essential oils throughout our home, I figured this type of product might be a useful combination.

GuruNanda™ is a unique brand of essential oil and diffusers.  Right away I was pumped about the all the variety of designs available.  With 9 special essential oil blends, you can find the perfect scent for any situation, need, or preference.

The Tower Diffuser has a sleek design fits with just about any decor in your house.  The subtle lights start to change colors creating a soft glow relaxing any one close by.  Only add a few drops of essential oils to enjoy a subtle scent around your home.  This makes for the perfect night light/scent diffuser/humidifier for any bedroom in my opinion.
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Summer Skin 
Around since I was a little girl, I remember the products by 7th Heaven.  They were always my way of feeling a bit more grown up and beautiful.  As an adult, I enjoy the same pampering I once did with the same dependable products I did 25 years ago.  "7th Heaven Beauty Treats for Face, Hair, Foot and Body, lovingly made by our herbalists using the most luscious natural ingredients from around the world. With so much natural choice, there’s one to delight your skin and senses, each time you treat yourself."

This Summer take some time to give yourself the royal treatment right at home that would cost you hundreds if you went to a salon.  Using products from "Mother Nature’s Beauty Kitchen", 7th Heaven provides a huge range of products for both men and women.  From head to toe, use their cruelty free products to treat any area of concern OR just pamper yourself like you know you deserve!  I've been doing so for more than two decades and now my daughter and I enjoy the fun together.  You will too!
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  1. I would love to get another diffuser. I have one in the bedroom but I would love to have one in the den as well.


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