Getting Ready For Baby Part 1 - Delivery/Hospital Bag

You can easily find tons of "Hospital Bag" lists available which will tell you what companies think you need to bring to the hospital.  Some of the items on the list are definitely necessary but usually these lists are filled with items companies want you to buy that your unlikely to use or NEED.  Since this isn't my first go around, I've got a few tips for your hospital stay, a few necessities you'll want to pack, and of course some of my favorite brand extra's which will always come in handy.

First and foremost, DON'T bring anything that the hospital will supply unless you have a very specific preference.  Take whatever they allow you to bring back home too!  In most hospital's/delivery rooms you will find a supply of the following:

  • Diapers + Wipes
  • Lanolin (breast cream)
  • Vaseline/Diaper Cream
  • Formula 
  • Blankets, Plain Onsies, + Hats for Baby
  • Socks, Maxi Pads for Mom, + Disposable Mesh Underwear
  • Shampoo, Soaps, + Lotions
  • Extra's - Nasal Aspirator, Pacifiers, and even sometimes gift packs from your big name baby brands

Packing Your Delivery/Hospital Bag:

  • Insurance Card, ID's, Cell Phone w/ Important Contacts AND Chargers!
  • Delivery Gown (if you prefer something different than the hospital ones)
  • Comfy Pajama's (loose fitting bottoms) - More than one pair suggested for obvious reasons
  • Bathrobe if your more comfortable wearing one for walking around the hospital (they will make you walk trust me)
  • Toiletries - Only one's you can't live without or use on a daily basis.  No one expects you to be done up like your heading out into public (ie. toothbrush, chapstick, brush, glasses)
  • 2 Baby Outfits - One or pics, one for going home.
  • Baby Blanket, Car seat Cover, or Coat - You can't usually take home the blankets at the hospital so remember you will want something to cover baby when you leave especially depending on weather
  • Bra for the trip home or for walking around the hospital if you aren't comfortable letting the girls free for a few days (can even be the one you wore in)
  • Pillow (with a cover you don't care about) - Hospital pillows are not comfortable in most cases and you don't want to bring anything that could be ruined
  • Products For Your Partner - Don't forget them.  They are there helping with labor, support, and probably staying the night.  While the hospital will give them scrubs, they likely will need a change of clothes, a pillow to help lessen the uncomfortable couch/chair they'll have to rest in, and anything else they might need.
  • Approved Car seat - Even consider the coordinating stroller for lugging all the stuff down to the car when you leave

*Just don't overdo it.  You will appreciate the light load going in and the room coming out for any gifts or freebies you have to cart home.  Even think about an empty bag to fill too.  If you live a distance from the hospital, of course you'll want to prepare a little more but if the drive isn't that long, there will always be someone who can run and grab something for you.  Trust me, we live 40 minutes from the hospital, I'd rather pack light and have my husband run home if he needs to later.

My Personal New Mom and Baby Brand Preferences and Extra's

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