A Lucky Ladybug's #HospitalBag Personal Brand Preferences and Extra's

Here are a few brands I recently discovered and a few which I fell in love with long ago.  The following just were not negotiable when it came to packing my personal delivery bag for the hospital and here's why:

Milk and Baby
Being the low maintenance chick that I am, I previously recommend you bring very limited beauty supplies to the hospital as I just don't feel like it's a necessity.  I do, however, feel like every new mother wants to feel a little pretty after 9/10 months of creating a human being and all the work it takes getting them into the world.  That being said, it's a lot easier to do this with something you already have to pack.  It's as simple as a new nightgown for laying in your hospital bed, comfortable nursing wear if your planning to breastfeed, OR a labor gown for the big delivery.  Read the full Milk and Baby review.

HALO Sleep
Luckily there are companies out there which truly care enough to make their products geared towards the safety of your children and HALO® is one of them!  Now I'm sure most parents have heard of and used the HALO Sleep Sacks before but if you're new to the baby world, this is a brand you need to get familiar with.  They carry a variety of SafeSleep products created for newborns and now even older children as large as 5T which help put every parent at ease.  Read the full HALO review.

MAM Baby
One thing we are super picky about in our family is pacifiers.  Coming from a Dental family, I know how important it is to prevent your baby from ever sucking their thumb.  So we've always been vigilant about using a pacifier to avoid this as well as for its' other benefits.  We've honestly never loved (or used) another kind of pacifier other than the MAM Baby ones.  Knowing that the hospital only provides limited types of pacifiers, we've prepared ourselves since our first born with at least one MAM Pacifier/Soother in our hospital bag each time.

While I hadn't tried any of their other products before now, the Anti-Colic bottle had me interested in giving it a try so we've packed one in our bag in hopes of discovering a new "Must Have" for our family.  The Anti-Colic bottle has a slow flow nipple and uses a base ventilation system.  Both which help reduces air swallowed which prevents gas, burps, and essentially spit up due to excess air.  MAM is one of those brands I refuse to go without when it comes to having a newborn and infant in the family.
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Leading Lady
I've got to share a clothing staple that is a must have for every pregnant/new mom regardless of your wardrobe style (or size).  Every woman needs a good tank/cami.  They can be easily worn alone, are perfect for layering, or wear one underneath for extra coverage and support.  During pregnancy, our bellies continue to grow causing these tanks to get tight and uncomfortable.  If you choose to nurse, this is only the beginning as your personal bust is likely to grow in size and feeding baby will get quite difficult regardless of where you are.  Leading Lady has a Maternity to Nursing Seamless Cotton Cami which will help comfort Mom and baby throughout pregnancy and postpartum. Read the full Leading Lady review.

Pristine Sprays
I'm an eco, organic, green living obsessed mom and with a houseful of boys, I am forced to focus on a lot of bodily functions daily.  So when we moved to a home with a septic tank I found myself redirecting my green living research around the bathroom.  I was recently introduced to an awesome brand Pristine Cleansing Sprays which are an eco-friendly alternative to wet wipes.  "Pristine Cleansing Sprays offer a simple, portable cleansing experience without all of the chemicals and clogged pipes, whether you are at home or on-the-go."

Even though we are preparing for our newest addition to the family, we are not new to using wipes.  My husband and two boys use them constantly for their bathroom trips.  Not only do I hate using dry toilet paper on my boys (at home or away) but I hate that when we really need wipes, we can't flush them or they aren't safe for my little one's skin.  Pristine Cleansing Sprays are always clean and clear of harsh chemicals, phthalates, formaldehyde, and synthetic fragrances.

Do you need a diaper wallet/case?  No.  But the right one can make your life a heck of a lot easier.  It's for this reason that the Diaper Wallets caught my eye over at b.box.  Right away you notice the bright colorful designs so you don't have to worry about fumbling through your diaper bag searching for those wipes.  Whether your changing a diaper or you've got an epic mess that needs to be cleaned up quickly, you'll easily be able to find the wipes!

Speaking of epic messes, these wallets have dual access to wipes so you can pull one easily from the outside or use the inside access for any diaper disaster you might have.  It even comes with a matching changing mat in the same bright color of your choice.  Plus the b.box products are all BPA, Phthalates and PVC free which keeps this Mom happy and baby healthy!
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