Milk and Baby #NewMomMustHave Review

Being the low maintenance chick that I am, I previously recommend you bring very limited beauty supplies to the hospital as I just don't feel like it's a necessity.  I do, however, feel like every new mother wants to feel a little pretty after 9/10 months of creating a human being and all the work it takes getting them into the world.

That being said, it's a lot easier to do this with something you already have to pack.  It's as simple as a new nightgown for laying in your hospital bed, comfortable nursing wear if your planning to breastfeed, OR a labor gown for the big delivery.  Milk and Baby carries a variety of products for expecting and new moms.

The creators of the brand "want every new mom to feel beautiful" and they've sure been quite successful at doing so in my opinion.  I love the entire Labor and Delivery section which includes matching labor gowns/pretty pushers, delivery room pillow cases, Daddy scrubs, postpartum underwear, and so much more.

Because I am breastfeeding, my favorite is all the nursing wear they've got available for every style mother.  Whether you're looking for something to make you feel beautiful during your hospital stay, nursing sleepwear, or a classy nursing dress for your return to work, they've got lots to choose from.

I have completely fallen in love with my new Black Cocktail Nursing Dress.  It's softer than anything and easy to discretely breastfeed while dressed up.  I cannot wait to show it off and my curvy post baby body this holiday as it's definitely given me that confidence!

Available to purchase/Cost: $59 Black Cocktail Nursing Dress 
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