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        Long before I became a blogger, I discovered a brand which I absolutely loved to buy from.  I can pick out over a dozen items in my home that I still use today (purchased at least a decade ago) from the company Lakeside Collection.  When I became a blogger, this was one of those brands I just had to work with as I knew the quality and selection they had available to the everyday individual.  I truly believed in the brand before I made a career out of judging brands and products.

        So when the time finally came to review the products from Lakeside Collection, I was more than on board.  This time around, I was given the opportunity to pick a variety of products from Lakeside Collection.  I knew I wanted to scoop up a few gifts for several people on my Christmas list and could do so quite easily in one place/purchase.

        With a daughter who just started college, my main focus this year has been on getting inexpensive household items for her new place.  Now even though I feel pretty confident navigating through the TONS of products Lakeside Collection has available for the Holiday season, I decided to download their “My Perfect Present” App this year to do my shopping (but you can use their gift app online too).  Being that they carry such a wide variety, I knew the Perfect Present app would help narrow down the gifts to the best option for each person on my list.

        It works similar to that of a personality quiz you'd find anywhere else with a couple simple questions about the individual.  Once the questions are answered, you've got the "personality" or style and a bunch of suggested gifts for that person.  Within literally minutes, I had myself a cart filled with goodies for my family.  Although I must warn you, you can spend hours shopping through all the amazing items they've got for every personality and even every season of the year.

        The best part is my tree is going to be filled underneath looking as if I (or Santa) had spent hundreds of dollars spoiling the kids this year.  I was able to grab a bunch of licensed mugs for my daughters daily coffee addiction as well as several products to keep her organized once she moves.  I even grabbed a couple Christmas toys for my younger boys and everything cost me under $75!!

        I love that the crew over at Lakeside Collection has thought of more than just products.  They've got articles filled with season tips, recipes, how-to's, and fun to read as well as a blog with even more.  Just in case you're not exactly the most creative of gift wrappers, this season they've even got an article Holiday Hustle: Tips for Beautifully Wrapped Gifts which will help with ideas for this years gift.

Recommendation: Can you say wow when it comes to cost?!  Go check this site out!  They have just about anything you can imagine and more.  Its totally worth a look and the prices are very reasonable.  This is a great place to get everyone on your Christmas list and even a few gifts for yourself!  I cannot brag enough about this company!
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