Our Sick Day Survival Kit #SickJustGotReal w/ Pfizer Pediatric Platform Products

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When my kids get sick, I tend to feel helpless.  I try to make them as comfortable as I can.  When the kids are in school and the weather is as terrible as it is lately, it seems they are crawling with germs.  In certain climates (like Michigan) you can have a drastic change from one day (or even hour) to the next making it hard to plan for when it comes to clothing and outerwear especially when sending them off to school. This is the exact reason I've got my own special go-to sick day survival kit.

Sometimes sickness is inevitable though and as a parent, you just have to hope you are prepared when it does find it's way creeping into your home.  I've learned over the years, there are a few products you want to have on hand as well as the brands that both my children and I trust.  The Pfizer Pediatric Platform products are a popular brand name you will find on the shelf of my medicine cabinet and in my sick day survival kit.  Because they are available at Target, I can stock up any time I'm out shopping.

Having this kit stocked on hand is especially important to me since we live in the country where Target is still a 25 minute drive from our house.  The nearest hospital is at least a 30 minute drive so we want to feel empowered to keep those sicknesses at bay whenever we can without having to leave the home.  Keeping my little ones smiling throughout even their toughest days is so important to me.  Of course we work hard as a family to keep the house clean, sanitizing whenever something starts spreading, and all around healthy habits.  But as I parent I know that just isn't always possible.

With this being a bad flu season at the boys school and having a new baby in the house, we have been trying our best to eliminate sickness the second it seems to creep into our house.  Being the huge movie family that we are, our sick days are an excuse to spend all day laying in bed enjoying a movie marathon.  This includes the great movies from 20th Century Fox like the classic - The Sandlot, The Peanuts Movie, and our personal favorite Ice Age Collision Course.

Children’s Dimetapp® seems to be a personal favorite when it comes to the daily colds Declan seems to come home with constantly.  Not only does he like the flavor but it helps put his symptoms to rest almost immediately.  I like the variety of formula's which help target the specific issues he might be having each particular week.  We love having this on hand just in case he starts feeling the slightest sickness.

The Infants’ and Children’s Advil® is one of the few medications either of the boys will take especially when it comes to fevers.  Declan thankfully loves the flavor and it is rarely a fight to get him to take this so he can be back at school the next day, fever free.  Because Dane hates taking liquids of any kind, he is a huge fan of the Junior Strength Advil Chewables (and believe me those are always on hand since he won't take much else).

We are constantly trying to teach our children about proper sanitation and hygiene like hand washing and not sharing things like drinks.  These types of skills and knowledge can be vital especially with school aged children.  When these methods fail, I know I've got Pfizer Pediatric Platform products on hand to get them back on their feet as fast as they come home sick.

Right now this amazing brand has teamed up with Target to provide you with an awesome Cartwheel coupon deal for 10% off Pfizer Pediatric products and select 20th Century Fox DVDs at Target through February 20, 2017.  This way your sick day kit will not only include the medicines you know you can count on to make your little one feel better but a special movie to make them happy while they do exactly that.

Cost/Available to purchase:  Infants’ and Children’s Advil
Children’s Dimetapp 

Facebook:  Sick Just Got Real 

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*$25 Target gift card
Pfizer Pediatric products [Children's Advil® Suspension, Grape, Children’s Robitussin® Cough & Chest Congestion, Children’s Dimetapp® Cough & Cold]
(1) 20th Century Fox DVD (Ice Age: Collision Course, The Sandlot, The Peanuts Movie)
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  1. Someday, I will get through a Winter without getting a cold...but not this year. I've got a rotten head cold right now. Ugh.


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