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In today's world, most people thrive on the use of technology throughout their day.  My family being of no exception having children that range from a newborn to a 19 year old.  We have always been a very musically motivated family and technology has played a big part in that.  Whenever we are completing different tasks around the house like cleaning, prepping for a party, working on homework, or even just hanging out, you can be sure to find music is playing around us.

We have always found a way to incorporate music into our whole families life.  Because we are always on the go, my children are rarely without their cell phones or tablets.  They are constantly watching a video or playing music wherever they go.  However, limited to the screen size, volume, and quality of that particular device.  But not anymore with Chromecast Audio.  Yet again, Best Buy has introduced me to a perfect solution!

Using WiFi instead of Bluetooth, the Chromecast Audio device streams crystal clear hi res music to most any speaker.  Using the same audio apps we use on the "limited devices" I mentioned - phone, laptop or tablet, our family can play endless music throughout the home and more.  Old speakers, sound systems, and TV's are easily used again without the restrictions of Bluetooth.  And because the Chromecast Audio is powered by the cloud, the sound to new or old speakers never suffers like it would with Bluetooth.

Each device works as a remote from anywhere around the home and you're never limited to just the music.  You can still text, call, type, surf the web, and whatever you might use your device for.  I love that we can even group the Chromecast Audio devices together to listen to the same songs on multiple speakers throughout our home with control on each of our phones and tablets.

With Chromecast Audio my family has the ability to listen with no strings attached.  Grandmas TV is now WiFi playing their favorite YouTube music not to mention the hot tub speaker system in the back yard now plays any Pandora station.  Don't forget how easy it is to travel with it - out of date hotel rooms and even motor-homes are now connected just as easily.  Because we have found the Chromecast Audio to be such an innovative device that everyone in my family loves, we've even purchased multiple devices that the kids carry with them most everywhere.

Available to Purchase/Cost:  $35 Google - Chromecast Audio - Black
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