Hear Doggy! and goDog Playtime w/ Our Pets

Pets are our family and we do everything we can to take care of them.  Sometimes they are our children or maybe they are an addition to the kids; They can be best friends and confidants; Sometimes they replace lost loved ones and other times they bring to joy to new loves.  Either way our pet's hold a special place in each of our hearts.

Just like our children, our pets love to play!  Keeping them active is an important part of their health.  Plus, if your like us and you've got both kids and furry kids, you know how both their eyes light up with excitement when they can do this together!  A while back I was fortunate enough to discover a pretty awesome couple brands of dog toys.

The Hear Doggy!® collection consists of ultrasonic plush toys with a squeaker that ONLY your dog can hear!  Yes, you heard me won't hear a thing!  Your dog can have a blast playing all day and night thinking they are making the noise of a lifetime.  Meanwhile, you can sleep, YOUR children can nap, and everyone can watch the TV without having to turn the volume up louder than the irritating dog toy.

Hear Doggy! toys are available in 3 plush designs: Stuffed toys, Flats, and Flat with Chew Guard which contain no messy stuffing in the body.  goDog® RhinoPlay™ is a line of unique and durable foam dog toys that are made from an environmentally safe and non-toxic foam.

While the Hear Doggy toys worked just as well as they said they would as I never heard a thing, the goDog® RhinoPlay™ were no match for my chewers.  I could not believe how fast Rayne tore apart the Hear Doggy toys and our newest puppy Khaleesi had the RhinoPlay toys in pieces literally within minutes.  Regardless of how long they lasted, I will say this much...THEY LOVE THEM ALL.  It was absolutely adorable watching the three dogs play catch with each other and the boys.

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