How Protection Covering Can Make Clean-Up Easier for Exterior Projects

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Exterior home improvement projects can require plenty of clean-up if you do not use the right protective covering. Incorporating the use of affordable and durable protective coverings offers an easier way to get a project done. You can prepare for the next job in less time. Below are a few of the jobs that will benefit from the use of protective covering materials.

Masonry and Mortar

Repointing or building brick structures can be a little messy when it comes to the mortar. Placing a leak-proof barrier of protection over grass, driveways and the ground at the side of a structure will catch all of the dropped mortar, providing a convenient way to clean-up the area when you are through with the project. Leaving this type of mess behind will showcase your services in a bad light.

Non-Skid Protective Covering and Liquids

Exterior painting of a building. staining a deck, or cleaning siding involve liquids and chemicals that can be harmful to grass or cause staining of sidewalks, foundation or driveways. Non-skid protective covering materials are perfect in keeping these liquids from affecting the surrounding structures and provides a surface for your team to walk and stand safely.

Window Covers

Clean-up of paint, caulking, stain, and mortar can be challenging to remove from windows and sills. Prepping the windows ahead of time with sturdy, durable coverings that secure tightly to these areas will eliminate the clean-up process. Just tear away the cover after the job, and the windows will be pristine.

Trim Coverage

Disposable trim covering is the perfect tool to help create a crisp, clean exterior paint job. A commercial-strength tape will help keep this covering securely in place. You can reverse the process and quickly paint the trim a different color with zero bleed-over.

Plant Protection

Most plants and small trees placed next to homes are there out of choice. Leaving drips of paint and drops of mortar can disappoint the homeowner. Any chemicals used for cleaning siding can harm plants and trees. Plastic film and thick dropcloths will protect these items from contact with these substances.

Deck and Patio Protection

Portions of a home exterior undergoing a fresh paint job require working around patios and decks. Providing surface protection will keep the paint from ending up on surfaces from accidental drips and spattering. The material is easily removed, leaving little in the way of clean-up detail.

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