Cooking with KidStir and Making Memories

*I want to start this post out by apologizing to both my readers and the brand.  This review was a very difficult one for me to post over the holiday season as my Grandmother actually passed away after writing this and it was just too bitter sweet to read through or share until now.

I used to be extremely big into baking and cooking with my grandmother when I was younger.  It feels like yesterday that I would bake side by side with her.  With my grandmother older and not in the best of health, time in the kitchen is just different.  It's because of this, I truly appreciate these times, handed down recipes, traditions, and memories!  This is also the reason, I love to bake with my kids. 

I love to spending that same time in the kitchen with my kids and I hope that someday my kiddos can look back and hold the same memories of their time with family. I truly believe this is the reason my children, have such a love for baking and cooking themselves, especially my oldest son, Dane.  Usually each child is responsible for one night a week cooking dinner (if they choose).  Not to mention, we almost always bake weekly if we've got spare time. 

Recently, Dane has fallen in love with the popular kid's chef/cooking shows and is determined to become a great cook himself.  We are constantly turning our kitchen into a classroom as I teach him all the do's and dont's as well as any special tricks.  So when we first discovered Kidstir, I knew it was going to be something my children would absolutely love. 

"With monthly hands-on kits, kids get to build their own cookbooks, try new foods, and learn all about where food comes from. They also will gain important life skills in the kitchen—and cook up some fun family memories!"  I originally planned to gift this to my oldest son however, super excited to try this out myself, I opened these the day they arrived and as soon as the boys got home. 

We received the Winter Wonderland Cookies kit which was just perfect for the holiday season.  Each kit comes with 2 child sized cooking tools, shopping lists, 3 fun games and puzzles, and so much mroe.  Jam-packed with pictures and step-by-step instructions, your kids will honestly have a blast putting together their own meals and treats.  Plus new prepaid 12 month subscriptions, will get a special cookbook binder to keep together all KidStir recipes as well as any special family ones your little one wants to keep. 

Dane has even taken his cookbook binder since it first arrived to share with Great Grandma who was over the moon about him cooking with me like she used to!  It was definitely a fun craft for all of us to create together and we've since then tried to make it even more of a tradition with KidStir.

Available to purchase/Cost:  $12.95-15.95 Monthly Subscription
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