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Okay, as much as I love being that go to person for product recommendations - I am not into shopping for clothes too often.  Yes, I think I have style but it is just very different shopping for myself as I have such an awkward figure since I am short and quite busty on top.  I usually spend hours and hours searching for the perfect dress when it comes to events.

Last year while looking for dresses for my sisters wedding shower, I was luckily contacted by the company Top Tier Style and asked to review a few products from the brand which right away I was pretty thrilled about.  Throughout the year, I love wearing dresses of all kinds if I can find a reason to and they've got tons of styles to choose from.  I literally spent hours shopping on this website as the variety they had available was just overwhelming.

After much decision I settled on a few different dresses I wanted to wear for the holiday season and for the wedding shower.  I have to tell you though, be prepared to wait for your items for quite some time as they are shipping from China.  Plan ahead for your event as my dresses all took over a month to arrive.  Once they arrived, I was still pretty psyched as even though they didn't arrive in time for a single event I had planned to wear them, I still love to dress up year round.

Though, my excitement was quickly cut short when I realized how completely off some of the sizing was as well as how some of the pictures didn't show all the dress features the way they arrived.  The quality of the dress though was not cheap and felt great.  I just suggest you study the dress and the model to be sure you get something you will like and that will fit your body type if you decide to place an order.

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The boho dresses in this review was provided by Top Tier Style. If you would like to purchase your own use the coupon code BLOG15 for 15% OFF everything on their store!

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