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Both Dane and Declan have always been very into music and I think having a natural musical talent just like their Father.  Constantly on the go, we try to keep music a part of everything we do because of this love for music as a family.  A lot of times this means portable devices and headphones for everyone.  Most head phones just aren't very kid friendly and if they are something the kids could use, they are beyond costly, too much to take the chance they might break them.

With the boys being significantly younger than Alana (10 years apart), we have a hard time getting them to understand why she gets certain products and privileges that they don't.  However, they still aren't to the age that I want to head out and buy them the same expensive gadgets that their teenage sister has.  The boys are always bugging her for her headphones especially since they tend to have to share since they are always listening to the same music.

So when I was asked if I'd be interested in reviewing BuddyPhones, I knew it would be perfect for my two active boys.  I figured it would appropriately aged technology that was safe for the both of them.  Of course, they were both excited to finally have their own.   BuddyPhones are compatible with most any device and connects wirelessly with over 14 hours of battery life.  Each pair comes with Custom Nametag Stickers so your child can create their own personal style.  You can choose from a variety of five colors and each are adjustable to perfectly fit little and big heads (like Dane's).

They also fold easily for storage and what's even better, "BuddyPhones are made to bend, twist and withstand long days of use".  With four listening modes, "BuddyPhones use a built-in, always on, sound control circuit to cap the volume at levels recommended for children".  What I especially love is the patented StudyMode volume level. which is a "first for kids that produces crisp, clear vocals for studying or watching lessons".  As you can see from my pic, Dane actually uses this mode when he brings his laptop home for homework and studying!

However, I'd say the true meaning of owning a a pair of BuddyPhones is that the "BuddyCables feature a built-in audio splitter that allows up to four cables to connect to the same device".  It's nice when we don't want to listen to their games as they play or their many Minecraft songs.  Also, for long car rides to like to Grandma's, it keeps them entertained so that there's no fighting in the car between them.  They can sit and watch DVD's or listen to music together using their own set of headphones.

*I do have to add a quick side note to give my readers a heads up:  Their website main page is wayyyy "busy" in my personal opinion.  There is too much flashing to be able to focus on any of the actual information.

Cost/Available to Purchase:  $49.99 BuddyPhones 
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Twitter:  @BuddyPhones

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