Psyched for Summer Part 2

My entire family is very active throughout the year but especially in the summer.  We use any excuse we can find to spend time outdoors which also includes a lot of outdoor activities like sports and camping.  We especially enjoy tailgating and entertaining of any kind as you might already know.  That being said, I've got several products we've already made sure we have on hand to get our Summer started off the right way!

The Craft Kingdom 
My boys absolutely love to do crafts of any sort at home.  Sometimes I find myself trying to come up with new ideas that are not only fun and different for them but honestly not boring for me OR wasteful in my eyes.  I especially love creating anything together that we can cherish for years.  As summer approaches, The Craft Kingdom is the perfect way to create these fun activities and memories.

The synopsis says, "As summer break approaches, parents everywhere begin questioning: what am I going to do with the kids all summer?! Author and artist Eli Maor knows the best way to keep kids and parents happy is crafting – and it doesn’t have to get too fancy to be fun! Maor, a “crafting minimalist,” specializes in using what is all around us to create beautiful, fun crafts and DIY projects. With a passion for recycling, upcycling, and just using what you have on hand, Maor creates gorgeous and fun projects from common household objects like toilet paper rolls, fabric scraps, even sticks and twigs from the back yard."

So far we've already planned out either the toilet paper roll decor or we are really excited about the branch objects crafts.  Not only are there every day crafts for any household, but there are tons of décor ideas for a home filled with children.
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Rapid Slicer 
When you entertain like I do, it is all about prep work and the time it takes to get ready to have people over.  Coming from the restaurant industry I've learned quite a few tricks and shortcuts to cleaning and making food quickly.  For example, when cutting up cherry tomatoes, one of those tricks was always putting the tomatoes in between two lids to cut in half.  Not only was this unsafe because of how the lids would slip but nothing ever cut evenly.  Now having a little one too, I find myself cutting grapes in half for more than just entertaining purposes.

So to me a Summer must have has quickly become the Rapid Slicer!  The Rapid Slicer is an FDA approved slicing aid which can help slice a multitude of foods.  The bottom portion has non-slip feet and the lid holds sturdy protecting your hands from blades.  Made in the USA, it's BPA free and easy to clean in the top rack of the dishwasher.  While I use this most frequently on grapes, I love using this for making thinner slices of chicken breast for the kids.  I highly recommend having one in every kitchen!
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BuddyPhones are compatible with most any device and connects wirelessly with over 14 hours of battery life.  They also fold easily for storage and what's even better, "BuddyPhones are made to bend, twist and withstand long days of use".  With four listening modes, "BuddyPhones use a built-in, always on, sound control circuit to cap the volume at levels recommended for children".  What I especially love is the patented StudyMode volume level. which is a "first for kids that produces crisp, clear vocals for studying or watching lessons".  Read the full review here: BuddyPhones
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ciao! baby® Portable High Chair 
When you're on the go at a sporting event, camping, or at any other outdoor activity, keeping the little ones entertained AND contained can be quite the task.  "The ciao! baby® portable high chair is an innovative, practical solution for families on the go!"  Being that our children are part of why we are so active as a family, the ciao! baby® portable high chair has quickly become the most important on the list of must have's for my family!  Read the full review here: ciao! baby
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Kwilt Shoebox Mini

And finally with all these activities and fun with our families this summer, you know you'll be taking tons of pictures.  Instead of waiting until your home to back up those photos or seeing the dreaded warning pop that your memory is full, what if you could back up your memories on the go.  And I'm not talking about constantly paying a monthly cloud fee or something super costly that's bulky to have to lug around with you...

I am excited to share all about the Kwilt Shoebox Mini which is a must-have travel device which "allows users to seamlessly backup photos from their mobile devices, social media profiles, and commercial cloud storage (i.e. Google, Dropbox) to the privacy of their own home storage device for anytime, anywhere access through one streamlined interface on their mobile devices".  No one has access to your personal data except you since this your individual external drive (even Kwilt).

As if that doesn't already sound pretty cool, my favorite part is that there is only a one-time cost of $59.  No hidden fees, no monthly storage, just pay for the device and store away with no limits!  The device is tiny plus portable and it easily plugs into any usb device (hard drive or usb stick) or using the HDMI adaptor.  You can't go wrong when it comes to purchasing the Kwilt Shoebox Mini.

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