Zaycon Fresh (Chicken) Closes Down Permanently With No Notice

As a blogger who actively promoted the brand Zaycon Fresh (formerly Zaycon Chicken) for nearly the last decade and since I can remember being a blogger, I have to apologize to my readers.  I received the following information late last night regarding the brand:
Here is the information I have heard through the grapevine and some confirmed details:

  • The website is down and only lists the above information.
  • Their email listed is returning emails and/or sending the same type of automated response.  No one is responding.
  • Their Facebook account has been permanently deleted.
  • Twitter is still up and running so I encourage you to retweet my tweet or send one of your own to the brand.
  • Our blogging contact has recently deleted her media profile and has removed herself from the Facebook group.
  • There is an active lawsuit against Zaycon filed on the behalf of the previous CEO.
  • The brand is planning to file bankruptcy and this will now be the 2nd time.

Now this doesn't necessarily come as a total surprise to many loyal customers to the brand as we have noticed a significant decrease in product quality over the course of the last two years.  Over the last year, I've heard hundreds (yes, hundreds) of complaints of deliveries being delayed not once, not twice, but even three to four times and up to almost a year after the originally scheduled date.  All this while tying up money paid for the product.

About a month ago they eliminated our blogging referral program and claimed it was in order to offer the lower prices to customers instead of offering up us the referral fee.  However, I think most bloggers knew at that time, it was the start of the snowball effect.  I immediately stopped advertising for the brand but had truly hoped this was an effort they made that would truly change the direction they were headed.  Obviously, I was wrong.  It's because of this, that I want to profusely apologize for my poor recommendation over the years and advise you the following:

If you have an open order, call your credit card company or bank and CANCEL/DISPUTE the charge immediately.

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