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I have always been one of those people who loves to find unique and out of the ordinary clothing and accessories especially those that help better express myself.  I am all about expressing your personality through clothing, hair color, tattoos, and any other way you feel.  Back when I was in college I used to love finding shirts that had creative or quirky sayings on them.  Now I live for finding shirts that not only represent me but set an example for my kids to see good in the world.

A couple years ago I discovered a brand which I fell in love with for this exact reason...The Talking Shirt.  "The Talking Shirt is a USA based company - family owned and operated...founded in 2013.  We saw the need for tees with positive, uplifting messages."  So finding a lack there of, The Talking Shirt was created and has become ever so growing in popularity.

Previously, I had picked out the "Kindness is Always in Style" matching design to sport around with the boys.  I quickly fell in love so much that I had to buy a second shirt for the boys so we could all wear it together.  Everywhere we've gone in these shirts, we've received tons of compliments.  So when I found out I'd have a very public opportunity to share about my blog, I knew exactly what I wanted to show off wearing.

With the boys a little bit older and a new addition in our boy family, we knew we wanted to make another bold statement with our choice.  This time around, we picked the "Let's Be Brave And Kind" matching design.  With Dane entering middle school this September, we really hope we can encourage more families to find ways of displaying these types of positive messages.  These shirts have provided us with a great "talking points" together as well as with others.

Besides the saying what I especially like is how extremely soft the tees fabric is!  Both boys think its super comfortable to wear to school, bed, or wearever.  Seriously about the only complaint I can come up with is the fact that a lot of the designs are "fitted tees" and designed for little girls.  Having three boys, this limits how many of the tees I can get for the boys to sport around.  This is one of those inspirational products and brands I will be forever loyal to!

Cost/Available to purchase:  $20 Let's Be Brave And Kind Unisex Tee 
$24 Let's Be Brave And Kind Fitted Tee 

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