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In today's world, Cable TV has become an expensive luxury that a lot of households seem to rarely use.  While I know people still watch TV, there just isn't enough free time to sit down like families used to.  Most people record their TV programs to watch later so they can skip over commercials or on demand.  I believe lots families are looking to save money where they can and it seems as if most cable companies aren't exactly offering up a solution.

Most people thrive on the use of technology throughout their day.  My family being of no exception having children that range from a 2 to a 20 year old.  If you catch anyone in our family with the TV turned on, it's usually because we are either watching Netflix, streaming YouTube videos, or playing video games on one of the gaming systems.

If you are looking to make a change to save money like our family has, I definitely suggest you cut out the cable and getting yourself a Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player.  It has literally become a way of life for my family since we can combine all our entertainment needs into one place.  With the Google Chromecast, you can watch live TV still as well as movies.  The kids can stream their YouTube videos too.

Everything easily streams from your phone to the TV using your phone with an easy click of a button OR just your voice!  Using a compatible app, say what you want to watch and enjoy your daily shows, listen to your motivating playlists, watch the latest sports game, play a favorite YouTuber channel, and so much more.

Connecting to the Internet through your Wi-Fi home network, use over 2000 apps like Netflix, YouTube, and HBO NOW (find your favorite at  Using WiFi instead of Bluetooth, the Chromecast device streams to most any TV.  Instead of replacing them, older TV's are easily used again without the restrictions of bluetooth and you can upgrade your entire home for so much less. 

Each device works as a remote from anywhere around the home and you're never limited to just the program your watching.  You can still text, call, type, surf the web, and whatever you might use your device for.  With Chromecast Streaming Media Player, my family has the ability to watch with no strings attached.  Even Grandmas TV is now playing their favorite YouTubers when they go to stay the weekend.  As I first mention, the Chromecast has become a way of life for us and we've even purchased multiple devices for each TV in the house.

Available to Purchase/Cost:  $35 Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player
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