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Being the huge Halloween fans that we are, our family is always on the lookout for unique websites (and stores) to find costumes each year.  As most people do, we tend to decide on costumes based on the current years Pop Culture trends.  Not only do Kevin and I watch a lot of TV and movies but we consider ourselves to be the "it" couple when it come to this holiday season that other look to.

That being said, we had hit a slump lately in finding any stores that really provide an inexpensive selection different than everyone else.  So when the people over at TV Store Online contacted me in hopes I would take a look at their selection, you know I was more than excited.  Initially working together, I could not belive I hadn't heard of their website in prior shopping searches because of how much they've got for anyone interested in Pop Culture!

I love that you can browse and search in a variety of ways.  Using the search by tv show, movie, or comic was easiest for me personally.  And the number of items that are discounted and on sale is amazing.  You can find a ton of items cheaper than at your average Halloween store.  TV Store Online has been "featured on The Today Show, Live with Kelly and Ryan, Good Morning America, and the Ellen Show". 

They are also "a national partner of such charity organizations as Toys for Toys,, and the Smithsonian Zoo".  I wish they had included this information on their website for other customers to learn about.  I think it's just great when I know companies aren't "too big" to still help share in their profits to help those in need!  I only learned this from the information they provided me with.

After hours (seriously hours) of browsing through their website for costumes, we settled on a few options which we were really interested in: Khaleesi Blue Warrior Princess Costume with Wig and Medieval North King Ned Stark Fur Costume Cloak Cape, Deadpool Suit Costume Hoodie or SOA Large Muted Grim Reaper Zip-Up Hoodie Hooded Sweatshirt.  Did I mention they also have some pretty awesome Ugly Sweaters too! So in addition to our Halloween costumes, we were able to prep for the Christmas holiday as well!

The hoodie we picked out was a slim fit so instead of my husband wearing it as we had planned, I got a new hoodie myself (yay for me!).  The quality was absolutely awesome.  It was super thick, soft, and very well made.  The Ugly Sweater was of the same high quality.  This is a BIG deal for us personally as most people know when you purchase something from your typical costume store, you end up with a thin, poorly sewn, wear once if your lucky product.  This is anything but and we will be wearing these for a long time because of it!

Available to purchase/Cost: $64.95 Deadpool Suit Costume Hoodie 
$65.99 Fragile Leg Lamp Light Up Ugly Christmas Xmas Sweater

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