Flybar Gets Those Kids Moving This Holiday! Review and #Giveaway #HGG

When I was a child we spent every hour of light we had outdoors, usually riding bikes.  I am always looking for ways to get my kids out and staying active.  When the boys were little we always took them on bike rides but as they've gotten older and we've moved to the country, they don't ride as often at home.  Last year my Mother attempted to purchase a Pogo stick for the very same reason.  While, I was too worried my accident prone son would hurt himself using it, this is how I discovered the brand Flybar.

"Flybar has been around since 1918 and has since then been known has the Original Pogo Stick Company. To date, Flybar has since moved beyond just being the top pogo stick company, into an all-around sporting goods company."  This year, I decided I was ready to see what all Flybar had for the boys to get moving.  So many times you find the old school versions of outdoor toys and today's kids thrive on the new.

Right away the iPogo Jr. jumped out at me (possibly literally, LOL).  "iPogo Jr. is the world's first interactive pogo stick.  For ages 5+, the iPogo Jr. can introduce itself, let you know when it's ready to jump, track your jumps, and motivate you to keep moving!"  It really doesn't get any cooler that this and I know both of my younger boys are going to be obsessed with competing for the most jumps.  I even feel like this one is just a little safer for the clumsy kiddos.

Until a friends birthday party this year, I had no idea how popular scooters had become for kids.  Because Dane had a blast at the skate park party playing on a friends scooter, I knew it was something we needed to get for the kids this year.  Now they can ride in style with the Aero 2-Wheel Kick Scooter.

This sweet looking scooter has light up wheels and comes in three different color designs.  The steel frame is built to last through each of my tough kiddos.  With an easy rear step foot brake, the scooter doesn't have to be stopped by dragging feet.  The adjustable handlebars with grips accommodate a variety of children's sizes and give everyone comfortable stability.

Besides the obvious wide range of pogo sticks and of course the scooters, Flybar has tons of other outdoor toys to offer your family.  They've got the pogo trick boards, skateboards, stilts, and a recently expanded Swurfer line.  There is also an entire line dedicated to your preschool aged children as well as lots of safety gear to choose from.

Available to purchase/Cost:  $89.99 Flybar iPogo Jr. Ages 5 to 9 
$59.99 Flybar Aero 2-Wheel Kick Scooter 
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Giveaway:  Fly Bar is going to give TWO of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a product to get their kids moving!
One winner will get an iPogo Jr.
One winner will get an Aero 2-Wheel Kick Scooter
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