Have a Blast This Holiday with Singing Machine - Review #HGG

When I first met my husband, it was quite exciting to find not only did he share the same love for music I had but he was actually very musically talented.  He had produced a CD in his early 20's as the lead singer in a band and was very dependent on surrounding himself with music!  Obviously, we have always been a very musically motivated family and more-so a family that entertains constantly!  We have always found a way to incorporate music into our whole families life. 

More specifically, Declan (8) has always been a very musically influenced (and I hope talented) child.  He has always been more into any activity which involves lots of music and singing as well.  So when I discovered the brand Singing Machine, I was pretty quickly hooked and by hooked I mean obsessed.  This was one of those companies I knew from the second I learned of them, I had to work with them to share all about their products with everyone.

"Creating joy through music is our driving force. We believe in the power of a song. Singing can bring people together, make them smile, cry, and rejoice.  Based in the U.S., Singing Machine® is the North American leader in consumer karaoke products."  While we've had a karaoke machine in the past, it definitely has not competed with the quality of this brand!

Sing Machine's Groove XL has become a center point of our home lately.  Of course we use it every opportunity we can.  This means when we've got guests and are entertaining as well as when it's just our family chilling at home together as a family.  Originally I got this with Declan in mind but as you can see from my pictures, all four of the kids enjoy playing with it (ages 2-21).

The Groove XL has all the normal features plus some really awesome ones like the six different voice-changing effects.  The kids like the Chipmunk voice but I personally think the Male and Female voice changing is pretty neat.  The Glowing Mood light show syncs with your music and totally sets the stage with your own light show.  With two microphone inputs, you can purchase a 2nd microphone for singing duets.

Stream music using bluetooth or using the Singing Machine Mobile Karaoke App.  Play your favorite CD's and MP3's or use the line-in to connect any other gadget.  My favorite part though is the ability to record the performances as I am constantly trying to capture moments of the kids and this way helps me remember all the fun we are having as a family AND with Singing Machine!

Available to Purchase/Cost:  $149.99 Groove XL Karaoke Machine
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