#GlowWhereverYouGo with Afterglow Ampoule by #AZNLABS

Now although you all know I'm not huge on beauty products, I do love the more natural ones and especially anything that helps with my skin.  I've been told before by a dermatologist that I have extremely healthy skin.  I attribute this solely to the fact that I wear little to no makeup.  Plus, when it comes to cleaning my skin, I very rarely use anything but soap and water with the exception of a few natural remedies.

However, there have been a select few beauty products that have caught my attention over the years which I couldn't resist trying or sharing with all of you about.  Afterglow Ampoule by AZN Labs is one of those products that I just had to try after hearing about it.  This week, Beautytap unveils Afterglow Ampoule, the first release from its luxury product line: AZN Labs.

"Using Astaxanthin (AX), a vibrant red keto-carotenoid naturally created in rainwater microalgae and containing 6,000 times the potency of Vitamin C, Afterglow delivers the full benefits of a preventative and reparative anti-aging skincare routine, without harsh ingredients or the hassle and confusion of multiple steps to address multiple problems”.

After reading Afterglow could help with things like an uneven skin tone, age-related dryness, and loss of elasticity (ie. wrinkles), I knew it was something I wanted to try even on my sensitive skin to help reverse signs of aging as well as to help prevent future damage.  With the sensitive skin I have, I am very weary about what I put on myself but this sounded like something I could trust putting on my face. 

I love the fact that this absorbed quickly, leaving no greasy or oily film on my face.  I felt refreshed especially after adding this to my face under my eyes!  I am hoping that with using this for a prolonged amount of time, I will see even more drastic changes.  So far, I've had ZERO breakouts or reactions after using this like I normally would from trying something new so hopefully that continues!

Cost/Available to purchase:  $120 AZN Labs Afterglow Ampoule 
Facebook:  AZN Labs 
Twitter:  @newradiancenat
Instagram: @aznlabs

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