So Many Coffee Choices, So Little Time w/ Two Rivers Variety Pack - Review and #Giveaway

By now I think most of my readers realize our family is big into their coffee and hot beverages!  Not only do both my husband and I drink at least a cup a day, but our daughter takes a cup to go each morning as she heads off to work.  As you can imagine, we go through a lot of coffee and each of us have very different flavor preferences.

My daughter hates spending money in the coffee shop of her hospital and I hate going to places like Starbucks or the Coffee Beanery everyday to get my caffeinated snacks.  The costs are outrageous for something I can just as easily create at home.  Two Rivers makes it easy to whip up something different each day with their Assorted Variety Pack!

"No need for 40 different boxes just to have variety in your flavored coffees. This sampler box lets you choose a different flavored coffee every day."  Being able to try whatever flavor which would suit each of our tastes, made this box quite enjoyable.  We've had fun sharing cups and sampling each flavor that came in the box.

A few of the flavors included: Friendly's Vienna Mocha Chunk, BBR Oh Fudge, Friendly's Butterscotch Swirl, Bosco Chocolate Caramel, and Hamilton Mills Vanilla Bean.  Since Kevin usually doesn't like the foo foo flavors, he enjoyed the smooth flavor of the JFR Cappuccino.  I went with the Crave Southern Pecan Caffeinated to keep me going this past week.  Alana enjoys the flavored coffees with her favorite so far being the JFR Vanilla Dream.

Available to purchase/Cost: $19.02 - 40 ct. Two Rivers Flavored Coffee Variety Pack Subscribe and Save
$20.02 One Time Purchase
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